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Journeyman III

extreme VRAM clock of RX 6700 XT while at low usage (old game)

Clipboard01.jpgCan anyone advise? I'm playing an older game and the graphics is running at 15% power, the clock speed is around 300 mhz, but the VRAM clock is running at full speed, some around 2000 mhz, is this normal behavior? I don't think so, what can it be?

I have AMD RadeonRX 6700XT, Ryzen 5 3500X, Gigabyte A520 M H, 16GB Ram 3200mhz (3600 OC)

game which is played: NFS: Underground 1 (definitive edition) locked at 75 fps

monitor : Phillips PHL243V7 (max 75 hz)

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