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Journeyman III

Experiencing FPS drops in Minecraft using RX580 with Ryzen 3900x


RX580 OC 8GB

32GB of ram

I'm getting under 20 FPS on my minecraft... 

I've changed the JVM argument on the Minecraft launcher, but the GPU utilization is stuck at 50% and never goes over.

I've also changed the VRAM and frequency of the GPU on the tuning.

Still no change.

Any ideas on why this is?

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Journeyman III

Are you running mods?

You can try adding Optifine to see if that will help, Minecraft is not multi-threaded natively. The only reason you see the game running on several cores is because of your OS and/or CPU itself intelligently multi-threaded it.

If no mods, check to see if Xbox Game Center is running, or Xbox Game Bar. Both are notorious for the degradation of game performance.

Minecraft won't be as good as it can be because it runs in a Java VM.


I'm running pure vanilla, and i've already removed the xbox gamebar with powershell.

The thing is I'm just confused as to why the gpu never goes over 50%...