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Journeyman III

error in my Radeon HD 7670M

i have a radeon hd 7670m on windows 10 when i try to lunch a game with it  just a black popup shows and i have also intel hd 4000 when i try running the game with it it work and i installed the latest driver from AMD website just yesterday and im still having this issue

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By latest AMD Driver, do you mean the 2015 WHQL or 2016 BETA drivers or something newer:

AMD doesn't support the HD Series GPUs anymore with AMD driver updates. So anything newer than 2016 won't  be compatible with your GPU mobile card.

If I were you, if your OEM AMD Driver is about the same age as AMD mobile laptop driver I would use the laptop's OEM AMD Driver instead which is 100% compatible and uses all of your laptop's features.

Journeyman III


 this is the driver i installed i used it brfore on this laptop it was working fine and when i got a new SSD and installed a new  copy of windows 10 ,when i check  the device manager it recognized the driver but when i try to play something it doesn't work


Did you assign the high power graphics card to be used during the game/application? Go to  Settings /  System and scroll down to  Graphics. There you browse to the game/application .exe file.