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Journeyman III

DXGI_Error_Device_Hung in Apex Legends rx 5700xt

sry for my bad english. text translated with google

One thing first, the problem exists only in Apex Legends and in no other game!!!
since a few months I have the problem that I Apex Legends regularly a driver crash with the error "0x887A0006-DXGI_Error_Device_Hung". It doesn't matter which driver version I install, it happens with all of them.
What I have done so far to fix the error:
- Driver completely reinstalled with DDU
-reinstalled Windows completely
- reinstalled Apex Legends
- reset graphics card, CPU and Ram to default (i.e. not overclocked)
- changed tdrlevel and tdrdelay using registry entries
- removed second screen
-set graphics settings to low.
It didn't help, the error kept coming back.

temporary solution to the problem:
I then simply turned off the "texture streaming budget" in Apex Legends. (I didn't have that because otherwise the skins wouldn't have any textures). Since I turned it off (about 2 weeks ago), there was no more driver crash. So the error is temporarily solved. But it's sad that I have to turn all my graphics settings low or off for the game to work, even though I could actually play with the graphics card at higher settings.
It would be nice if AMD could finally work on this to fix the problem.

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