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Journeyman III

Dual UHD monitors from Ryzen 5 2400G

Asus Prime B450-M, Ryzen 5 2400G, Win10 64-bit, latest Windows updates and Radeon drivers

I have been running a 32" Samsung UHD monitor from the HDMI output and a 21" Samsung SyncMaster from DVI-D. Now I'm replacing the latter with a Samsung 28" UHD that (like the 32") has only HDMI and DisplayPort inputs. So fas the only arrangement that supports both monitors is to use the HDMI connection for the 28" and a DVI-D to HDMI adapter cable to the 32" but the then the latter can't be set higher than 1920x1080 (both monitors are capable of 3840x2160). I tried a DVD-I to DisplayPort adapter cable, but whichever monitor uses that isn't detected at all.

I haven't found anything in the AMI BIOS or Radeon driver settings that helps. I don't need cranked-up gaming frequency/frame rates, but would like to get top res on both monitors. Any ideas?

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