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Journeyman III

drivers (TDR) stop working in amd radeon hd 7670m windows 8.1 64 bit there's two ( two updated DRIVERS)?

Hello, im currently using AMD RADEON HD 7670M on my laptop TOSHIBA SATELLITE L850, 4GB OF RAM, I5-3210M, Windows 8.1 64 bit and I've encoutered problem like drivers stop working on amd (TDR). I've already done troubleshoot like checking the temp of my gpu and cpu, also all of my drivers are updated but still the problem persist, So I've checked  your website for updated drivers and I saw  two possible updated drivers, The first one is  "Catalyst software suite and second one is Radeon software crimson edition beta". My question is do I need to install this both drivers on my laptop? or do I need to install one of those drivers? and if I had to choose one? what should I install in my pc?. thank you.

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AMD doesn't support Windows 8/8.1 anymore so no new drivers will be available besides what is published by AMD Support.


I would install the Toshiba Driver AMD Driver again in case it got corrupted and see it the problem continues. You can download the driver from Toshiba Support from here: SATELLITE L850 Support | Toshiba . Plus I would update any drivers to the latest from Toshiba even if it is 2 years old.


I would install first the Windows Qualified AMD Driver (2015) and see if it fixes your problem. If not then I would install the BETA (2016) driver.

If the 2015 driver works then you can try and install the BETA and see if it works correctly also.


Here is how to update your Laptop's AMD Driver correctly: Laptop graphics update...How to


Here kingfish​ explains how you can increase TDR in Windows Registry to see if it fixes the TDR error: Graphics driver stopped responding and has recovered....TDR fix

Here is a website that give tips on how to fix the TDR error if the above doesn't work: Fix: VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE (ATIKMPAG.SYS) IN WINDOWS 8.1/10 -

Don't download the recommended software from, it is a scam but the information is valid for troubleshooting.

hello, thank you for the big help. I just want to clarify you stated below that I must not download the recommended software? Do you mean the Catalyst software suite and Radeon software crimson edition beta? thank you

0 Likes is a good website that offers good troubleshooting tips but they unfortunately recommend downloading a program called "Reimage Pro". Reimage Pro is basically a scam. That is what I meant by not downloading the recommended software from that link.

I'll edit my previous comment to make it clearer.

DO Download the AMD Drivers.


hello, Ok I understand now. by the way I've download and install first the AMD driver that comes from the toshiba website. I'll update you if I would still encounter the problem. if yes, maybe I would try to install the driver from AMD website. anyways. thank you for the help.

Journeyman III

One of my friends sent me his L850 laptop with the exact same symptom. Here's my solution:
1. That L850 is running with Windows 10.
2. It's obviously a VGA chip problem. If you can prevent Win10 from loading AMD driver, the Microsoft standard VGA driver still runs very well (playing Youtube videos smoothly @1366x768).
So please reinstall Win10 without network, then enable the "Memory Integrity" in Windows10's "Core Isolation", reboot and Win10 will block AMD VGA driver from loading (since it violates memory integrity).
Then you can connect your L850 to network and it works very well.