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Journeyman III

Driver crashes after 22.5.1 update (6900xt)

I have a 6900xt nitro+, It's been pretty smooth sailing for over a year now, ive had it since the first month of release, but as of the update 22.5.1 and preview build, i have been getting driver crashes in many games, it seems more stable with the preview build. I havent gotten any blue screens, just video driver crashes. I'm not running any overclocks atm. The driver crashes only happen when loading into a match after a previous match ran fine. I did a DDU wipe before installing preview build after 22.5.1 started crashing.

Windows 10 pro
Ryzen 5800x
32gb 3600mhz memory
Sapphire 6900xt Nitro+

If more info is required, I can provide it. I will be rolling back to the previous driver build 22.4.2 
for now, will update if it continues to crash still.

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What game(s) are crashing?  22.5.1 is WHQL and the May driver contains a long list in the notes section about unstable behavior in certain games.  I have an XFX Speedster MERC 319 RX 6900 XT black and haven't run into any issues yet.  Do you have your pci-e connectors on different rails?


Yes I do. Running 3 different rails and the supply is a evga 1300. No power problems. I'm running halo infinity. Now the card is controlling 4 monitors. Just one is being used during the game. It's a Asus 34 ULTRA Wide at 165 mhz. Just letting the card run on its own. No overclock. With windows drivers I have no issues at all. As soon as I do a uninstall with ddc and put the AMD drivers in. I get about 5 min of play time and the card freezes. I restart the machine and windows put there drivers in.. May try to put Gigabytes drives in and not update. Seems to work ok then, but the drivers they use are older.


the two games i noticed crashes in before i gave up and rolled back was for honor and splitgate, elden ring seemed to be fine, but only played it briefly with those drivers. its been stable with 22.4.2 on again.


22.5.1 works fine for me, however, the May 2022 beta update makes things look weird plus causes some controls in World of Warships to not display correctly so I rolled back to 22. 5.1 and that's where I'll stay for a minute.


same here, driver timed out, have to hit the pc reset button, gone back to older drivers, 

but AMD wont listen, they couldn't care less.


5900x cpu

6900xt red devil gpu

32g ram

1200 watt power supply 

win 10

all driver/software are all up to date.

Adept II

I'm running a Gigabyte RX6900 XT Waterforce. Been having crashes and often before the updated drivers. Seems AMD can't right a good driver for there cards. It creates limits, Can't overclock. I let windows install the compatible drives and I not can play with no crash. Not really how I want to play. Cant do anything with the card. Always had Nvidia and always able to push the cards to there limit. Decided to give AMD a try. Sorry I did. Just may have to sell the card and take the lose and go back to Nvidia.

Adept I

I've been experiencing driver instability since updating to 22.5.1 myself, previous version was very stable.


Windows 10 Pro

Ryzen 5 3600

GSkill Ripjaws V 16gb x 2 at 3600mhz

Gigabyte 5700xt Gaming OC



Same problem here.  Came from a stable 6800XT and now upgraded to a 6950XT.  Uninstalled, then DDU'd and have been getting random crashes since.  


reddevil 6800xt constant crashing driver timeout i think my card is dying or no idea im forced to use 22.1.2 this is the driver i get least problems i dont even want to mention cod games constant crashing during loading to next match or right when round ends no idea what to do anymore but this is **bleep** awfull strongly suggest paying little more for nvidia and u get almost 0 problems compared to AMD 

this is also happening to me on a 6600xt.

appears to be related to DX11. some games that allow 11/12 work fine if switched to 12 (try it on msfs)

for me ED only crashes when i go to the menu, not sure why.

Adept II

Had the same problem. So far been able to max out the card with no issues. Uninstall your AMD drives with DDC in safe mode, but first disconnect from the internet and pause windows update. Make sure you have a set of drivers to install. Uninstall the drivers. Reboot. Install the drivers. Reboot. Hook up to the internet. Update your drives, but you pic them out from AMD. Do not let AMD auto install. Once everything is done. let windows do updated. Window will try to install there drivers if your not up to date and this will create a conflict and your system will start to crash again. Good luck. Runnings a Gigabyte RX6900 XT Waterforce.

Journeyman III

Same issue for me, crashing since the 22.5.1 update. Happens in CSGO, GTAV, and Minecraft. 

I have an RX 6900xt and an R9 5900x

Running r5900x with rx6900 xt waterforce from gigabyte. Playing halo infinity was crashing 5 min into the game. What I did is kind of a clean install. Posted this on a few other post. Uninstall all drivers in safe mode with ddc, but before you do. Have you install disc or download the drives in a fill for use latter. Disconnect from the internet and pause windows update. Now uninstall the drivers. After reboot install the drivers from your install disc or downloaded driver. once installed. Hook back up to the internet and update your drivers with amd, but do not use the auto feature. You pick the driver. When all done. Turn window update back on. The reason for turning windows update of  is because windows will try to put there version of the drives in before you could get done and this will create a conflict and the crashed will come back.

I'm using 22.5.2 driver now and my 6800XT crashes if I let it auto-clock itself (default). I need to run it at max 95% or it will crash in KCD and likely other games.

Card never overheads (60'C) and is rock stable under Linux with same games/load. Seems this is a windows driver issue (happens on win10 and 11)

I'll try the DDU method but I doubt that will do anything!


UPDATE: After running DDU in safe-mode and ensuring no internet during driver reinstall afterwards. Nothing is crashing anymore so either its a placebo effect or that actually worked!




Have the rx6900 waterforce by gigabyte. Did the DDC in safe mode and no internet. Down loaded the drivers from gigabyte to install later. After updating the drivers to 22.5.2 No crashes. 

Yeah I redid my DIY loop (took half a day); cleaning everything inc pipes and block internals.

I have not had any micro-freeze up's or crashes since IN-GAME but the other day I had a crash after resuming from hdmi2.1 display suspend mode which I think is a totally different issue. (driver stability issue related to resume from suspend)

Interesting enough I had to reboot my PC after that crash as it was stuck in cyb420 colour mode. But I think the micro-freezing in-game is gone which was the main concern.



Yeah I updated my post. The safe-mode no internet DDU and then AMD driver reinstalled MAY HAVE fixed my issue. Give it a go.

I also selected factory reset upon driver installation.


UPDATE: I might have had some auto overclock issues (default) last night in KCD as the micro-freeze issues started coming back in RANDOM fashion. Again GPU is like 60'C at junction.

I'll probably service my DIY water-block on my 6800XT soon and redo everything inc liquid but that is unlikely the issue.

But you never know, maybe a IC somewhere is getting poor contact to the block...



Journeyman III

Yes me too in MSFS GOTY edition and Elite Dangerous Odyssey. Always crashes after a few minutes in all drivers after this edition. 

RYZEN 9 5900X


32GB    3600 Corsair Vengeance LPX  4X8gb


Western Digital Blue SN570 1TB M.2-2280 SSD

Sabrent 512.1 GB M.2-2280 SSD

WDC WD10EZEX-60M2NA0 1000.2 GB

TOSHIBA MG03ACA100 1000.2 GB






As an option, try after booting windows OS, disable all unnecessary programs (which are in startup) that hang in the tray from the right in the corner except amd adrenalin, maybe there is some conflict with the driver or utility that works in the background, even a banal snail for the mouse may be the cause of either msi afterburner. And when a crash occurs, try to see what caused it (in the windows log events, maybe there is some information about the error.) Everything works stably for me, that on directx 11 and below and above, the only thing is the performance in directx 11 is not so great.(Windows 10 lts c21h2 driver 22.5.1) If reinstalling the driver does not help, although it should, then maybe the problem is either in some program on your PC that works simultaneously after starting the PC (hanging in the background) or in the video card. As an option, there may be some kind of update that, as usual, broke everything in they can do it...

Adept I

This is still an issue, random areas of Witcher 3 crash the same way. For instance, go to Fyresdal in Skellige and walk through the center of town. Or hop into Elite Dangerous and approach a planetary surface and as you get to about 32Km out it will crash to desktop and you'll likely be stuck in a crash loop because Elite saves your last location most of the time. In both titles, using 22.5.1 clears the issue for everyone.