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Journeyman III

does the MB need to offer graphics support in order to run iGPU?

I'm looking to build an office pc for my Dad. CPU should be amd 3000G with its integrated graphic. Some mainboards advertise "vega graphic support" so exactly what i would need. then again, others say there's no integrated graphics. is this really something different, or just a different way of saying you either need gpu on cpu our a video card? i was looking to get the MSI A320M-A Pro but i’m not sure if it demands a video card, which i’d hesitate to buy. somehow i can’t seem to find the answer online. thank you in advance. Page

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Adept III

First of all, it is necessary to check a CPU Support List for the motherboard.
According to CPU Support List for MSI A320M-A PRO motherboard, a CPU Athlon 3000G with integrated graphics is supported by this motherboard:

In some cases it may be also necessary to check the BIOS versions - earliest and latest, within which versions a specific CPU is supported. Because newer CPU's might be not supported in older BIOS versions, and vise versa - older CPU's might be not supported in newer BIOS versions.

A motherboard itself has no integrated GPU installed on-board, a GPU is integrated inside of the Processor. This means, in order to have an integrated GPU option available you should have a Processor with integrated GPU installed. If Processor doesn't have an integrated GPU, then this option won't be available and you will have to install a discrete video card in this case.

Journeyman III

On Modern hardware the iPGU is integrated into CPU. Motherboard only provides video output (HDMI, DVI or VGA).  If a motherboard has any video output and cpu has iGPU (some don't), it will work. Website

This was not the case with older (pre-2010) hardware, where iGPUs were provided solely by the motherboard.

All in all, if you have any video outputs on the motherboard, it has iGPU support.


When it comes to MOBOs with integrated graphics I've personally always found Asrock and Gigabyte to have a really good variety from budget build to high end. Even MSI makes some good ones though harder to find as MSI is more heavily focused on gaming and most of their boards do not have integrated GPU's

Also pay close attention to customer reviews and MOBO form factor or size.

Most quality integrated GPU MOBO's you can find new for around $50 to $80 US. 

Really just depends on budget desired performance ease of maintenance ease of operation personal preference the list goes on and on.

Look for weekend deals and bundle packs that have only what you need and brands you trust to save money and possible future frustrations. 


Simple right to the point answer..Yes!!