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Graphics Cards

Journeyman III

Do you need to install a GPU on a non-integrated graphics board

Does a board without integrated graphics require a GPU present? I am wondering whether I can use my existing GPU and put it inside the machine to install the OS and subsequently remove (as I am using it command line only anyway). I would just enable SSH instead..

.System would be running on a Ryzen 7 1700X

2 Replies

The only time you don't need a separate GPU Card installed is if you have a APU (Processor with Integrated Graphics) installed. Thus you can use your Motherboard's Video Outputs to your monitor.

But if you have a regular CPU Processor you will need to install a separate GPU card to get video output to your monitor.

You can use your old GPU card as long as you have the proper PSU and PCIe Slots on your motherboard.


It is my understanding, that you need to have somekind of GPU or iGPU even if you run the machine remote, from another computer and don't connect a monitor at all.