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Journeyman III

display shows static when pc wakes up

I recently completed my pc build with an XFX Rx 580 and there is a problem every time i wake my pc from sleep. when i wake it up, all it shows is static (like the static an old CRT tv would show with no signal). I've found I can get it to go away by hitting the sleep button and waking it back up again but theres times ill have to put it to sleep and wake it back up 5 times before the static goes away and im presented with the logon screen. Another way to get rid of it is a forced system shutdown which makes me lose everything i had open. Is this a driver issue or what because im getting frustrated.

video: AMD graphics issue - YouTube

Please disregard my filthy desk! as you can see, im waking the pc up by hitting a random key/moving mouse then clicking the sleep button (Crescent moon button) and waking it back up over and over again....

system info

i5 6500

16GB geil 2400 DDR4

Gigabyte B250m-ds3h mobo

XFX RX 580 8gb black edition

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Turn of pcie link state in your bios & disable sleep settings. Its what I do in all my builds & change you power plan to high preformance unless you like it going into windows hibernation sleep mode. I dont bother as Windows sleep hibernation has a habit bug wise to throw static. All I do is if I need to turn of my monitor no diffrence if you disable sleep hibernation settings for windows. It doesnt actually use any more power that if you use those settings 1 got 4 with out sleep hibernation settings activated & Link state disabled in all bios's on mine & my stepsons builds. The myth off desktops using a lot of power with them being used or diabled is a myth as you end up drawing more using the sleep hibernation settings. Do some in depth testing research. I think give my idea a shot as I dont run into static issue like I use to but that's a bug from OS not AMD driver fault.


I'm having the same issue, didn't you ever solve this?