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Journeyman III

Display looks weird after new GPU HELP

ok first here are my specs

Processor: AMD Ryzen 2200G with vega graphics

Motherboard: MSI A320M gaming pro

Storage: 1 TB WD

OS: Windows 10 Home

RAM: Corsair Vengeance RGB pro 16gb

PSU: 450w


-------First TV Specs--------

-Orion sled2468w Tv

------Second TV Specs--------

-Element 32 720p 60Hz LED HDTV (ELEFW328)

----All connectors i used----

-HDMI to VGA converter

-DVI to HDMI converter

-Monster Cable HDMI 21.0 Gbps

-A stock/Unknown HDMI

I had a cheap AMD 6450 in my build just to take some heat off of my CPU.

then i recently got a new GPU(ASUS HD7850-DC2-2GD5) so i uninstalled the AMD 6450 and installed the new GPU.

started it up no issues at all but as i was installing the drivers for it the screen flickered and

it gave this new weird display it looks grainy, fuzzy, and grungy i really can find the term to describe it.

it just looks plainly awful i bought a bunch of converters and a brand new HDMI and it still does it.

i have tried it on two different tv's and i have tried every combination of resolution, GHz and settings

between AMD Adrenalin and the OS settings. and i still cant fix it

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