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Journeyman III

Disappointed from AMD | Cause Drivers are crashing to often

Dear Community,

i really need to say, for a long time, i was a AMD Fanboy. But now it hase been changed. Since i change from a Nvidia GPU to AMD, my System all time crashes in some games. Like World of Warcraft, Star Citizen or ARK.

I already know, this is not an hardware defect issue, its just the bad driver from amd. 

Since 2 months, im waiting for a new and better driver for my 6900xt, and nothing happens.

Now i sell my 6900xt. Going back to Nvidia. I still keep my ryzen5800x.


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Adept II

[EDIT] Literally 2 hours after I posted this, AMD drops the 23.2.1 driver.  I'll be updating shortly to see how it is. (Sorry AMD for doubting you lol)

Same.  Driver updates are far and few between. I still have quite a few issues with my 7900 XTX that do not seem to be getting addressed. Last driver update was 1/11. I had to do a registry fix just to help with the massive amount of AMD driver timeout issues crashing out of games.  Still have HDMI out problems to a 1080P 3DTV. Also various weird issues coming out from a sleep and a monitor wont power back on. Have to go into the AMD software to click on/off settings just to get video to kick back on.  My friends with 6900XT's last driver update was on 12/8.  Not sure what is going on over there but I feel like I should just have paid more for an Nvidia card.  Their drivers weren't perfect but at least there was more consistency. 

Oh hell. AMD made a liar out of me. Happy Valentines Day to us, they just dropped a new driver today 23.2.1


New drivers didn't fix either issue for me.


I was on all AMD hardware until Christmas when I upgraded my system and went back to an intel and nvidia setup.  AMD really needs to get on their horse and ride with agesa microcode and gpu driver updates.

It's been my experience that if you report issues with a nvidia driver they will research it and issue an immediate hotfix to address it.   AMD just lets you simmer in the issue for months at a time.  Intel has a driver update assistant that notifies you when new drivers are available.


Thanks for this post. I can still return my 7900 xtx. The issue I have is that enabling freesync crashes computer for many games. So previous gen GPU runs games more smoothly than the 7900 xtx. I think I could resolve the issue with CRU, but then CRU doesn't work properly with the 7900s.

I was wondering how long I should wait for a fix or being able to use CRU. Kind of seems like you all went through something similar.


When you do a major hardware change, like CPU, GPU or motherboard, it is usually a good idea to do a clear reinstall of windows. Before that, make sure you have latest BIOS and maybe do one clear cmos and restart too.

If freesync is broken, sounds like either GPU or monitor is broken or cable is bad. There are firmware updates to monitors and GPUs too.

Overheat issues and poor PSU quality are often overlooked. Assuming that since PSU could run previous GPU, it must be able to run new one too despite totally different consumption and the way new GPUs require PSUs to be able to deliver even when consumption spikes very fast to boost high clockspeed spikes.

It the freesync range for me. I need to reduce it from 1 - 120 to something like 24-120. But because EDID overrides are bugged for AMD, I cannot do that. So instead of hoping it gets fixed, just moving on.


Why would you try changing freesync range? It is what monitor supports. If you try to change it, it can cause issues.


Because AMD drivers cannot handle the range, and crash/lock computer with full freesync range.


It can comes from lot of parameters . Bios , motherboard DDR parameters, windows , AMD driver . I had crashes on my 7900 xtx at start , so cold card , it seems that  ( not sure ) it comes from CSM activated in bios and blocked smart access memory .

Journeyman III

I've been suffering with random crashes for a while now with wow. My only solution was to downgrade drivers to 22.3.1 which completely resolved the issues.


Anyhow had the opportunity to get a 6800xt, with the new drivers dropped yesterday. I gave them a go and unfortunately the issues are still present in the 23.2.1

So over 2x cards and it's still an issue. Just looks like there's nothing happening on this, and there's a large thread on the wow forum too.

Hopefully one day it'll be taken seriously as it's a massive widespread issue.


lol, a lot of those are linux users......


Lol, so multiple os's experiencing the same issues, surely suggests there's a bigger problem......


Considering linux uses different drivers I think it's appropriate to mention that fact.

I play WoW myself, I went from a rx 5700 to a rx 6700 xt and haven't had any crashes at all.  (minus 1 time when I overclocked the memory on the 5700)


Good for you.


Point is maybe it's something else since you all have the problem but different drivers, Corsairs IQUE software is known to cause crashes, Discord has been trouble at times, Audio drivers etc. I don't run any unnecessary programs when I run games. (maybe that's the difference?)

Even mice and keyboards have been known to crash pc's (don't believe me google it)


Journeyman III

Hopefully the new driver update fixes the crashes and driver issues I have been trying to remedy since I built my first pc with this Radeon 7900xt. My buddies didn't have issues like this with their builds and their 3080 builds. I have a Ryzen 7 7700x with this graphics card along with Samsung 990pro 4.0 Nvme ssd and 6000Mhz for ram but at its best I tap 30fps on Rust with 1080p and graphics set to minimum. I wonder if this is normal. 


Thank you, I was able to correct the issue and now it's running at 240fps with great graphics.