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Journeyman III

Disappointed at discontinuation of support for older GPUs.

Hey AMD what do you think you are doing ? 

Why are you treating your loyal GPU users like a piece of garbage. 

Are you the new intel or what? 

I have a made a considerable investment in AMD cards R7 260X, R9 285, 2x RX5700XT plus Radeon VII. 

I only ( up until now ) use AMD GPU cards. 

How can I run my system with R7 260X + Radeon VII with the latest drivers ? 

How can I run my system with R9 285 + RX 5700XT with the latest drivers ?

Is it possible for anybody in the world to be buy reasonably priced AMD replacement for the older GPUs that you have arroganly stopped supporting ?

Change your tune AMD , support these older cards for at least the next 2 years,. 

If not I 100% guarantee the next 5 graphic I buy will not be AMD.

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They announced it at the worst possible time. I cannot see why they couldn't wait to do this at the end of the year perhaps or if the GPU market place started to even out again/availability/prices etc

It was a misguided error made by people in AMD who clearly have lost touch with customer experience. You see it in many companies where someone up top makes a decision and the people working on the 'front lines' ie tech support etc have to bare the brunt of the customer base reaction.

Extremely foolish move by AMD at this time when they seem to be gathering a bit of steam over Nvidia. Things like this matter but when your customer base have 2 companies to choose from.. I guess they feel they can take actions like this with little consequences 


If not I 100% guarantee the next 5 graphic I buy will not be AMD.

- Just a note on this comment.. I was with Nvidia since my first PC many years ago. I eventually got fed up of how they acted and their shady business practices and moved to AMD tech with 6800xt / 3900x etc. There is no winning on which side you pick. There are only 2 main companies in the GPU market place. So regardless of which company you go to you are going to be met with things like this. 

So posting a threat of switching to the other company has literally zero value to you because Nvidia ain't a whole lot better.