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Adept I

Different colors and screen gamut on different series of GPUs?

Hi everyone,

I am asking this out of curiosity.

I have a Dell S2440L monitor and 2 different GPUs from AMD: HD 7850 and RX 6600XT. Yes, it's 10 years difference, I know.

The question is - how can the colors in 2D mode be so different (using the same color mode, for example YCbCr 4:4:4) and the same HDMI input port?

On HD 7850 I have adjusted color settings on the monitor (increased red and slightly less increaseed green) to get a balanced picture.

But when I use the same monitor with the same settings on a new PC, I get a "too warm" picture, where the greens are very yellowish. And if I increase blue in AMD control panel, things become better, but I am still looking for an ideal setting. Also I have to turn down saturation (like -10 units) and slightly increase brightness and contrast, or I get oversaturated result in correct color mode (matching the one set on my monitor).

How is it possible? HDMI is not an analog port. The versions of HDMI protocol are different for sure, but different colors in output?.. Resolution and refresh rate is the same, of course.

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