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Journeyman III

Destiny 2 Stutter

I seem to be getting a problem where I will boot up destiny 2 and load into an area but as soon as I start to play the games starts stuttering. this wasn't happening before I updated my graphics driver. My frames are not dropping they're staying at 144. I can't roll back to the pervious driver I was on as it is now not on the site... any help appreciated.   

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Journeyman III

From my searching this is a common issue with playing Destiny 2 on AMD graphics cards. It seems to be a driver issue. I have attempted a couple solutions, though I've not found any that work.

Here's the current list:

Option 1.) Remove current drivers and install an older version. You can do this with DDU, then try a fresh install of the older driver. (just google DDU Uninstaller)

Option 2.) Edit the cvar.xml file attribute <cvar name="force_enable_multi_threaded_render_submit" value="0" />. Change value="0" to value="1". To find the file open file explorer; Enable "View Hidden Files"; File path is /Users/[username]/AppData/Roaming/Bungie/DestinyPC/prefs/cvars.xml ; Open with preferred text editor (Notepad, Notepad++, etc).

I also tried just installing the driver only without Adrenaline and other extra amd software just in case that was the issue, but it still acts the same. Also when I edited my cvar.xml file it just causes the game to freeze then crash during the initial load screen before character selection. 

The issue can be seen if you track the GPU usage during gameplay. The GPU usage never exceeds 50%, so the game is being greatly limited. Editing the cvars does seem to allow the GPU usage to exceed 50%, but then it crashes before loading in for me.

I hope something here helps, but I expect AMD and Bungie will have to do something about how the game and driver interact.

Adept I

I noticed this on Destiny 2 as well with my new 6950XT.  However, what I discovered (and I can't believe this isn't mentioned much elsewhere) is that the stutter in my case seems to be due to the shader cache being built.  The more I play, the less it stutters, especially playing the same area over and over.  Check if this is the case for you.  In theory, it should resolve once it is done but I have no idea how long that would take.  I am using the latest/experimental drivers available.


Which driver were you using before?

Can you list your specs please?



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Journeyman III

for ppl who got new gpu.  u have to enable resizable bar (smart access memory) again. something that nvidia has on by default but not for amd.

amd gpu also handicapped out of the box.  need to undervolt, set min frequency, crank up fan, disable zero rpm and max power consumption.  then ur gpu would function properly.  

amd ecosystem requires maintenance.