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Adept I

Destiny 2 poor FPS with 6800 xt


I posted this on the Destiny 2 support forums but this seems to be a long running issue and a resolution doesn't appear to be in sight so I thought I might post here and hopefully AMD notices.

I recently upgrade my system from a AMD Vega 64 to a RX 6800XT and have found that Destiny 2 isn't boosting the 6800XT to its full speed during gameplay.
When I'm in load screens I get frame rates between 250-350 fps but when I'm in the tower or other gameplay areas the frame rate is 60-130fps. This is not that much better than what I was getting with my Vega 64.
I have noticed that during gameplay the card's GPU utilisation is at about 80% but the frequency at which the GPU is running is only 1-1.6Ghz. At full burst the card should run at 2.2 to 2.3Ghz but it never gets that high. When in loading screens the card runs at 1.2-1.9Ghz, never reaching the 2.2-2.3Ghz its capable off.
Cooling is not an issue because the card never thermal throttles as it is not reaching thermal peak thresholds. I have also removed the video drivers using DDU and installed the latest version (21.2.2) but this has not improved things.
I have tried CVARS removal but that also made no improvement.
The video settings in the game has; Resolution 1440p, Vsync Off, Frame Cap Off.
All my other games utilise the 6800XT to its full potential and run the card at 99% load at the 2.2-2.3Ghz mark, only Destiny 2 is not boosting the card properly.


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Adept II

same problem here

Lot of people have issues on amd cards in destiny 2.

For older cards there's a workaround, revert to 20.4.2 and it works,

For 6000 xt cards no workaround because 20.4.2 don't recognize new cards.

It seems to be a driver issue,

so guys HELP US pls


Try some maps like tangled shore :

40 FPS at spawn point with 6900 xt in rage mode lol


source :


I upgraded to an RX 6800 mid-January and haven't played since because the game ran worse than the RX 570 I had before. I've reported the issue through Adrenalin and made numerous posts on the Destiny 2 forums. I also tried every permutation of potential fixes but nothing improves frame rate.

The problem seems to lie with CPU and GPU utilization. Regardless of resolution or detail settings, the game only uses about 60-70% GPU and 40-60% CPU. There are massive frame dips and the experience is wholly unplayable. The experience is literally identical in 1080p, 1440p, or 4k, at any detail level.

Unfortunately there seems to be little communication from both AMD and Bungie about this issue. I really love this game and want to play with my friends, but it's still broken for those with 6000 series cards.

AMD - Can you please help?

Adept I



i’m in the same vessell 

6800xt driver up to date fps issue

5700xt driver 20.4.2 work nearest well

Bungie and Amd working together for best performance is this so terrible? 

Adept I

Come on AMD, this is a definitely a driver issue. 
5700xt users still get their right to revert back to previous version of driver, 6800xt/6800 users are f**ked up.

amd, do something plz


Please we need more considerations 

it’s your highend cardz! 

Adept I

I raised a bug report via the Radeon Software. Suggest everyone does the same if you haven't done so already and maybe this might get some traction within AMD at least.


already done 

i hope too