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Journeyman III

Default Radeon WattMan settings has been restored due to unexpected system failure

Hello. I have Sapphire RX 590 GPU with 2400G R5 processor and PSU is 630. So while playing Far Cry 5 after a few minutes of Gameplay suddenly my monitor goes blank and it shows no signal. When I  restart the cpu it says Default Radeon Wattman settings has been restored due to unexpected situation. I have increased the power limit to 50% I don't know whether it will work so I am bit confused what to do next.Will it cause any harm if I increase power limit?? And please provide me some solution to get rid of this problem. Thank you.

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Community Manager

This message typically occurs after the GPU driver crashes and can be caused by one or more of the following. 

  • Windows missing critical and or important updates
    • Keep your operating system up to date by installing all available recommended and critical updates.
    • For instructions on how to update Windows 10 please refer to kb article: Update Windows 10
    • For instructions on how to install Windows 7 Service Pack 1 please refer to kb article: Install Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1)

  • Corrupted registry keys/and or system files
  • Display drivers with known issues
    • The graphics card drivers may have known issues with a certain application.
    • Check to see if you are running the latest display driver
    • If you have the latest display driver installed, check the release notes to see if your issue is a known issue and if so revert to an earlier driver version.
    • Check to see if you have the latest patch or updates for the application you are using

  • Corrupted display driver
  • A overclocked processor, graphics card or system memory can cause system instability and excess heat which can cause GPU driver crashes. 
    • Run all hardware components at their default factory settings.
    • This would include the processor, graphics card and system memory.
    • Processor and system memory changes can be reset to factory default settings in the motherboard bios.
    • For instructions on how to reset your motherboard BIOS to default settings, please refer to your motherboard manual or system documentation.

If you continue to experience the same issue after trying the steps above, you may have defective hardware. Here are some suggestions to try and isolate which hardware inside your system is faulty. 

A defective graphics card:

  • Check that the power supply meets the requirements of the graphics card.
  • Check that power supply cables properly secured to the graphics card.
  • Try reseating the graphics card into the PCI-E lane.
  • Try moving the graphics card to a different PCI-E lane.
  • Try the graphics card in a different system.

A defective or inadequate power supply.

Defective system memory:

  • Test system memory DIMMs individually to look for errors. The following third-party utility can be used to check for memory errors: MemTest86

If you wish to receive additional support or suggestions on this issue, please open a new discussion and provide the essential information required as specified here:

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I think thousand of people have been facing this problem, AMD produce no quality vga card, hard ware so the pin of your card is broke down, at least one or more please check out your pin to the board. that is not because of the windows update. It's all version of AMD Card, have no quality of production. when you got this your screen will be blank, or black or blue...... so please check out your PIN to the main board, it's broke your pin connector here [ ] is some emergency help videos that you can temperately set to manual  and Temporary set up, when you got this problem it means your vga card fan is not spinning, it spins when the windows start up for while, and then, it stop it self for ever until you get black screen.


So, if I'm experimenting driver crashes it's not an issue of my RX570? my RAM memories? can we say it's normal?


All say try this try that i only one problem amd drivers is one big junk nothing els i they dont now how that fix the end


I checked my RAM using memtest86 and no errors found, also I put my graphic card under stress with furmark and everything seems ok. Maybe I should  remark the obvious: Radeon Software is just a **bleep**ty program.


Can't you see that nobody liked your answer, which in many cases is useless? Many times you give solutions that you believe are correct and they are not, from the most basic to this that you give did not work in my case, forcing me to buy a new gpu in the economic state of the world! Since the failure of "default wattman settings have been restored". It is still present in my case and I can no longer solve it, reinstall Windows five times and still the system failure, reinstall BIOS on the gpu and update the driver and the problem returned, the issue is that it does not solve a failure caused by its poor efficiency in providing support!

this is what work for me and u have to buy NVIDIA then i agree AMD GPU have some issues


Iam having exactly the same problem with this Crashes and the Radeon WattMan error, now for months.

updated windows -  even BIOS, no overclocking,  new ATI driver factory reset - clean reinstall.. Ive even tried to change the RAM, nothing works ! The GPU i use is a 5700 XT;

It only happens in one game: Call of Duty Cold War, all the other games i play work fine without this error. Just when i put all graphic options to "lowest" then it does not crash.

This is frustrating, i dont know what else i could try to get this to work ?  I have doubt that even when i change mainboard and cpu the error will remain the same. Any clues or hints ??



"Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.9.1

its work just fine and like i expected the problem from the driver"

@Dusty_Earth, you are a genius ! This seems to work for me, for now. What i also did was disabling transparancy task bar effect.

I had this in another game years ago and an older driver version worked. Sad to see this in 2021 it's still the same. What is the point in downloading the newest driver then -  when it does not even work right ??


Iam huge AMD-Fan, always had AMD boards and Cards but the next time i will have to choose Nvidia, just because of  this poor driver Software and support.

After a felt endless voyage to get to know where the error comes from, i have finally discovered it, or at least how to  get around it.

The driver from Dusty_Earth worked for me, so that the game does not crash, but then it had terrible drawbacks and random fps loss in game which made it unplayable anyway.

Here is my Solution that worked with NEWEST DRIVERS and Software suit:

Windows Key + R (or right click left bottom corner in task bar and "Run") then type in "msconfig.exe",  click at "services" UNselect "AMD crash defender" and "AMD external events utility". Then Restart your PC.


That did it for me, now i can play everything on Ultra settings without a crash and annoying Wattman error. When i enable this services it instantly crashes. Without everything is just fine, as it should be from the start.


If it does not solve the issue then you can do the same and select both services to be enabled again.



Thanx for all the posts before, it  helped but its strange AMD do nothing about it 


i have the problems since septemper update , i guess with w11 driver comes a dead man rise again.


so i hope someday they fix the errors and dont hide them in a cellar


greets att all wich had suffer from same failure


Spovkobob (hope I spelled that right)

Thanks for that info very helpful.

Been having the same issue ever since Global Wattman came out back in the HD series of AMD GPU's. Dang error has been a thorn in my side for over 2 years. Have searched for a while in vain on how to disable/control Global Wattman. Stay awesome. 



Hello all. I just wanted to chime in with my experience too. I've got a RX 580 and I've been experiencing this at least once every day. Crashes on absolutely anything. On bootup, during a game, opening my browser, etc. I'm not sure what driver I was on before but I NEVER had problems like this until I launched Forza Horizon 5 and it suggested updating to the newest drivers. I haven't updated drivers in a long time so I figured I might as well. Nope. Terrible decision. I also completely wiped my PC and did a fresh install of Windows and it changed nothing. It's very sad to know that this has been going on for YEARS and at this point I think I'm actually going to go to Nvidia. I really wanted to get the 6600-XT, but with how often I have to deal with AMD driver issues and then reading about more while trying to fix mine is disappointing. As much as I want to get that 6600-XT I'm most likely just gonna have to get a 3060 and have faith that Nvidia doesn't have questionable drivers as often as AMD seems to have.


it's doesn't work


I wonder if it's an incompatibility with Gigabyte's second VBIOS release and Radeon software package. The Gaming OC, which I have, wants to stay with the factory overclock even though it runs BETTER with a good UNDERVOLT and UNDERCLOCK. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that my desktop resolution of 1440p LOCKS THE VRAM to like 1755 MHZ for some reason. I LOVE THIS CARD THOUGH! But I did JUST order an EVGA 3080 Ti. Found it on their site in stock for 1329.99 and I pulled the trigger on it before it sold out. Hopefully my experience with their drivers helps justify my purchase. Wish me luck!

In my case it was my motherboard,messing with my ram,so i set the xmp to xmp1 2933 instead of the xmp2 3200 profile even though my ram is 3200 mhz ((cause) the amd 2700x only has a 2933max memory controller in it.SOLVED My Problem with the vid card having this issues.


Having the same issue.  However I've noticed while gaming, since disabling fTMP, that I get weird audio noises that last I knew were related to VSOC voltages. Increasing them didn't help, otherwise my RAM and IF are stable, no WHEA errors, tested multiple times with different stress tests.  I have a 6900XT Air cooled Toxic, 5800X - IF 1866/3733, Xtreme X570 bios F35


This is a basic solution and not very applicable to the failure, as I regret to inform you whoever you are does not give the solution to the failure, that you apply it and it works as you say is a unique case against almost 99% of who complained, is more already test this solution and see that you give it, when others have already left the same solution is SPAM, This solution does not work, on the other hand claim to MSI the malfunction of their motherboards with AMD processors and GPUs, Gigabyte for its poor performance with GPUs, layers so if there is a solution to this failure, since the failure applies mostly in these brands and their mistakes and not AMD itself. It is worth remembering that you also make disasters with your graphics driver and you are not responsible for the damage to the end user.

In my case I had to lower my IF from 1900:3800 (no whea errors) to 1867:3733 and it hasn't shown up in a couple of months.


All your advice is crap.

Journeyman III

Default Radeon WattMan settings have been restored due to unexpected system failure caused by the following.
-Your Radeon VGA Card will stop spinning fan, the fan will spinning when the windows start only for a while.
-Your Radeon VGA Card will caused you a black screen by stop running GPU or Chips.
-Radeon VGA Card Can not play game or watch HD movies on offline and online.
Note: This is not because of your driver installation or Windows update, It caused any broken part of Radeon VGA Card, For example the pin to the board, etc. so you need to be hard repair only that can help. Or buy another one.Here are the full explain on YouTube [ ]

Journeyman III

hi man have u fixed this problem yet. ive just built up a pc and ive got the same problem 


I have been having this issue with my computer(s) for quite some time now.  I just now stumbled across another forum that said to uninstall ALL of the AMD software, but leave the drivers installed. (

Since doing this I have ran 3 back to back 3DMark stress tests on my PC and have not yet had a single lock up/crash.  Pre-uninstalling I couldn't even make it through a single test before a crash.  Will update if that changes over the next few days.

Just wanted to throw this information out there for anyone else who has been beating their heads against a wall like I have been...  This has been ongoing for me thru 2 different AMD video cards in 2 different pc builds.  Never did I imagine it would be a software issue causing conflicts.  Had I known, I wouldn't have been such a long standing AMD fan...  Kinda rethinking that now.



I have the same issue! Game crashes and even browsing the internet is not safe! This crash/freeze with wattman failure is a headache.

I5 6400, RX 480 8GB, 16 GB RAM (Using latest amdsoftware as of this date)

Win 10



I tried this and still got a Wattman crash  

Still trying to understand how this crash happens, it seems really random but it only happens on Biomutant and AC Valhalla, and not on all of my sessions. 

Other games are fine. 

dont believe the problem  from monitor i do fix the problem by using this driver

Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.9.1

its work just fine and like i expected the problem from the driver

for me i dont like new drivers the old drivers = good performance + stable

anyway guys if u have this problem try old drivers

I tried all the old versions and nothing worked. I also used the specific driver for the Benq monitor for W10, and neither,changed the DPort to HDMI, diferents cables, all solutions were useless. The only that fixed the issue was changing the monitor, for me absolutely unexpected. 


so this problem different from user to another user ! i have msi rx480 8gb i cant play "assassin's creed odyssey" bec of wattman but 20.9.1 fixed my problem even i try to clean gpu and clean old thermal paste etc all useless 

Journeyman III

I've had the same problem for a few months now since I bought the XFX RX570 4G Black Edition. Sometimes the error occurs, sometimes it does not. I get a screen freeze, resulting in a black screen while both CPU an case fans spin at max rpm. This happens randomly after my pc rolls into Windows,  while browsing and during or directly after gaming. It got me really frustrated.

Here's how I've found what I think is happening:

- I ran the 3DMark FireStrike Stresstest for 3 runs on the default Driver settings in AMD Adrenalin Software, while monitoring with MSI Afterburner. This specific videocard is clocked at 1286 MHz core clock freq. out of the box, however I noticed that this frequency only got to around 1255 MHz and was fairly unstable and framerate stability was 96,6-97% in different runs. Power consumption was around 100-110 W.
- When I increase the wattage to 50% in manual control in Adrenalin, core clock freq. was stable at 1286 MHz during the stresstest and framerate stability was 99,6%. Power consumption was increased compared to the default runs (up to 130W).

Clearly the default power settings in Wattman are too low, for the default core clock frequency set in the Adrenalin Software. This gave the unstable framerates in FireStrike. When in default settings, Power delivery to the GPU set by the software is insufficient to obtain a stable core frequency, resulting in an unstable system and random crashes.

Try my method and see for yourself if you get the same results as I did. You just need to install MSI Afterburner and 3D Mark. See if it helps. I have yet to confirm if the problem is resolved in my case, but since I increased the max power consumption in Adrenalin last week I did not have random crashes.

Adept I


its been over 2 years!

I5 6400, RX480 8GB, 16GB RAM

WIN 10


Adept I

you have to know something watt-man problem cause in certain game not all games i have problem with it in assassin's creed odyssey i cant even play for 2-3 minutes all time same im sure who cause this problem is the driver bec if the problem from ur GPU watt-man will fail in all games

I get kinda the same issue. Every time I change any setting in the Tuning tab of Radeon Settings, no matter how benign (like fan curves), I'll get a notification that they've reverted to default after a game session or rebooting. Useless. I just attribute it to being a 3rd party card, I guess. It's got a factory OC, so I guess it's configured good enough for me.


My little boy found the solution. He broke the monitor (Benq) so I had to buy a new one (LG). And that solved all my problems, after testing one million solutions the problem was the MONITOR! Now all works perfect.

Journeyman III

Its been almost 2.5 years since I stated my problem. I tried every possible solution later I found out that it was my hdmi converter that was creating this problem(my monitor did not have hdmi port so had to use converter). After changing the monitor I did not face any more problem. Sharing this as because there are many people who might face similar problem. 

Journeyman III

hello if any one getting this problem just don't install AMD software only install drivers and do factory restore, this should work for most people and also work for Me. 

the reason is AMD Radeon software not working on your system properly.  :]

Adept I

I have this issue, I done everything, Re-installing Windows (Reset), Re-flashing Motherboard BIOS and Graphic Card BIOS, Re-seating CPU (No bent pin), Clean all contact point on RAM and Graphic Card with pencil eraser, Try different RAM slot, Clear CMOS, Deep cleaning my entier PC from dust, uninstall all overclocking related software such as Aorus Engine, EasyTune, SIV, even AMD Wattman, etc, replacing RAM, PSU, CPU Cooler, Thermal Paste (CPU, GPU), Thermal Pad (GPU). Even without AMD Radeon Software Driver, only use auto dectect driver from Windows Update, and still crashing.

When it happen, debug LED on my motherboard flashing altenately between CPU and RAM, black screen, can do anything except press the reset button and after succesfully rebooting, that message come showing "Default Radeon WattMan settings has been restored due to unexpected system failure" (If AMD Radeon Software installed), but it still happended without Radeon Software (so there is no error message after reboot), so that message is nothing, maybe just false alarm, wrong error message, Wattman has nothing to do with this crash, without any overclocking software this crash still happened.

Then I found that my Gigabyte motherboard need to run specific tool call EC FW update tool, it also need to install App Center that also installing GigabyteFirmwareUpdateUtility, if not, EC FW update tool won't work. FW updating process is similliar like @BIOS flashing the BIOS (Updating process will perform after force reboot by this tool), but this is not BIOS, this is Embedded Controller Firmware.

Every user have different solution, no exact answer for this problem, we need to try everything, I don't know this will fix this problem or not, because this issue randomly happened and can not re-create this crashing, I'll update latter if this crash still happened.

But I believe in my case, this must be related to RAM instability, because if I don't enable the XMP, only run with default SPD rating at 2400Mhz, I don't experiencing this problem, that's why if this problem happened that debug LED on the motherboard is flashing alternately between CPU and RAM, so the problem is not from the GPU or software driver or any software (it's not conflicting software), but related to instability issue due to compatibility RAM with CPU, to solved that, I need to run EC FW update tool.


Update 21 April 2022

One day since doing EC FW update, no more crash, before doing that my system having more than 3 times crashing (random) every day.

So in my case, Gigabyte motherboard need to updating EC Firmware for RAM compatibility and overall system stability related to CPU and RAM, not only for 4DIMM configuration, but also for 2DIMM configuration like my system.

And, error message "Default Radeon WattMan settings has been restored due to unexpected system failure" is false alarm ?, I think so, because even without AMD Radeon Software, it still happened.

The Ultimated Update (Final)

Problem solved 100% after I change the CPU !

Sadly I was have very bad luck, the IMC (Memory Controller) on the CPU somehow get damaged and that faulty IMC can causing memory (RAM) issue even after change the memory with completely new and normal kit, 100% pass every test with MemTest, no error because nothing wrong with the memory.

GPU are 100% normal, nothing wrong with it, why Radeon Software detect that as GPU related problem ?, I don't know, that is false alarm, that's why we all here with different actual problem and different solution.

Now my PC have everything new parts, and I can build annother PC with previous parts, that's funny.


Can you confirm a few months later?


Here I'm now, absolutely yes, that issue never happened again after CPU (Processor) repacement, after change every part of my PC, and I change that CPU at the last, because that is the last part on my PC that not yet replaced, I return that CPU for RMA before warranty ended one month later, glad I got the new one before warranty ended.

I should believe LED Debugging on the motherbord from the begining, because when the problem first time happened, LED Debugging indicate that one of RAM or CPU are faulty (RAM and CPU LED Debug are lights-up alternately), after checking RAM with MemTest and got some error, yes I return it for RMA and they replace it with new kit and working properly without single error found after I run MemTest again, but this issue still happened, and LED Debugging still lights up on CPU and RAM, but I don't believe the CPU are faulty, until I done replacing all my PC components, except the CPU for the last, I then believe that maybe that CPU is the culprit, and that's true, after replacing the CPU, problem solved.

What the exact problem ?, I'm very sure that the IMC (Integrated Memory Controller) are faulty.

What causing that ?, because I'm using PSU with Group Regulated Topology on Secondary Side, that very dangerous if the PC enabling sleep mode (that actually default power plan on Windows OS), so when PC in sleep mode, PSU can't mess up the power for keeping RAM and IMC (CPU) alive for keeping session, and causing damage to both of RAM and IMC, that's why changing the RAM only is not complete solution, it must replace the CPU also.

After that, I will never using an obsolete Group Regulated PSU anymore,, minimum specs I'm using for PSU are Double Forward DC-DC if not LLC Resonant DC-DC, the most important is at Secondary Side, it must be DC-DC Converter, not Group Regulated !, and I put concern on PSU more than before.

Yes CPU are the toughest and very durable PC component, but bad PSU can destroy it very easily.


i have theory but thats on my part only.My pc specs are gigabyte b550 aorus elite r1.0 amd ryzens 3700x 16 gb od ddr4 3000 6700 xt from asrock i also have 970 evo plus and 3 mechanical drives and raidmax 850w 80 plus gold psu.My best guess is a faulty psu since the first things that acctualy die in my pc are the mechanical drives since they are probably most fragile to a bad psu i gave my dad 2 mechanical drives 6 months ago and they are working flawlessly in his pc and he has the same gpu but a 1000 w best guess that 12volt rail is damaged in the psu somehow and when the gpu and cpu need a spike in power draw iether the watman crashes or i loose a mechanical drive dependes on the situation i also do have 240 aio for cpu and 4 fans beside the radiator fans.bottom line next psu for me is going with seasonic or chiftec lets hope my hardware dosent die until than i limited gaming for myself only use pc to listen to music and movies but as for now bas psu can fry everything just not in the way some of us expect but i do belevie that chep psu evem in the mid to high randge are for the kow fps in amd driver only instal i don have problems but problems are persistent also my asroc 6700xt never went over 80c in junction so thermal is not an issue but i do have 20c  differnce betwen gpu and hot spot under load so im guesing not the best thermal pads height but no issues overhiting so far and i do use ray traycing and i have only 1080p monitor so i want buy a new monitor until this one dies.Sorry for a langhty report but thats just my opinion. Sorry for now but i will repost when i buy a new psu until than it waithing game for me.

Adept III

This has been an irritating occurrence in my life with my 7900 XTX and to a lesser extent with my 6800XT. I have done and investigated everything in that list of recommendations including fresh Windows installs and as recently as last night got the dreaded “Default Radeon WattMan settings has been restored due to unexpected system failure” once again. Some driver versions it is better and some worse. My 5700XT Red Devil was the only one that was problem free.

All drivers are the most up to date versions available as well as windows being up to date.

Seriously considering a switch back to team green ;-/


 one that was problem free.

Ryzen 7 7700X | MSI RTX 4070Ti Suprim X| Gskill Flare X DDR5 6000 | MSI X670E Pro Carbon | Bequiet Pure Loop 2 FX 360mm | Lian Li Lancool III | Corsair HX1500i |4,140mm Lightwings 3 Fans
Adept I

maybe if i get a  job that pays 5000 dollars a month i will switch to nvidia.So far havent had any problems in 90% my problem is with corrupt driver instalation.but i do agree that that is the problem for amd but then that also pauges nvidia drivers and a lot of nvidia gpus died recently so im stickin to amd and standard 6-8 pin power conectors.and i will probably buy 7900xtx as my next gpu and probably upgrade pc cpu to 5000 series so im good curently 5700x cpu is a great deel since its 30-40 % cheaper than what i paid for my for my gpu im using assrock 6700xt challenger and i will upgrade mu ram with anoter 2*8gb kit if my mother board allows it. but the the method im using is to stress test the gpu with adrenalin software after every update it passed for the past 3 driver versions without a hinch and my gpu clock speed was boosting to 2700 mhz so my advice lose 10 minutes of time to stress test a gpu after every update than do ddu if it dosent pass and instal the previous version that dad has the same gpu and his pc would completely freze with 23.3.1 and it didnt mater wath we did the driver just refused to instal and it didnt mater if we did minimal instalation (driver only).Sorry for a long reply.