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Adept I

Default Radeon WattMan settings has been restored due to unexpected system failure

So I have a new MSI 6800XT and while playing a few games I get the famous black screen on both my monitors. 

After the restart, I get the error that wattman setting have been restored.

I have a Ryzen 7 5800x, 32GB RAM 3200mhz and a PSU of 750w plus gold.

I looked at many possible solutions and nothing seems to work. 

At the moment for me this only affects Biomutant and AC Valhalla. 

Can anyone help?


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Journeyman III

Same issue with my Sapphire Nitro+ 6800XT.  Never had this issue with my other GPU prior to upgrading to this unit this last week.


msi b450 tomahawk max

superflower 850w psu gold


I've tried different settings in games and AMD Radeon software, new DP cable (Vesa Certified 1.4), reseating GPU and power connectors to/from PSU.

I've recently read that there's a conflicting issue with the AMD Audio driver + any other audio drive you have installed.  So as of this post, I'm currently disabling the AMD Audio driver to see if this resolves anything.


Can you share the results here so we know if that's an option?