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Journeyman III

Dead Igpu?

think I solved my amdwddmg problem (Device manager events say ''device started (amdwddmg)'' Though i still have no signal in windows. But now I realized that I could have other issues.  I recently bought a new screen, because my old one started having a backlight issue (this was before the amdwddmg problem, which happened a week or so afterwards) and I noticed that the screen won't turn on at all, when connected to this laptop. It works fine on my older laptop, but not this one. I suspect that there's a problem with EDP but I'm unsure, it might also be linked to the problems with my igpu, with me getting no signal when I try using it at all. I should note that HDMI does work, just not the internal display, in bios or anything else

Just the average AMD fan
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