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Cyberpunk 2077 Raytracing instant crash

I was curious to test out the new version of Cyberpunk with raytracing, but it didn't go well. Instant crash when enabling ray traced reflections or lighting. Ray traced shadows seem to work, but I switched them off again, they almost halved my framerate. The only interesting thing for me would be the reflections. I guess i wont play with them on anyway, because of the performance hit. Anyone else got a similar experience? I hope my card is ok, especially in those crazy times.

CPU: 5800x 
MB: Asus Rog Strix x570 F-Gaming, SAM enabled
GPU: Asus Tuf 6800 XT
AMD driver version 21.3.2, Windows version 20H2 

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Even pointing your nose in the wrong direction will make Cyberpunk crash. It's not a game you want to be judging your hardware with.


Interesting, for me that game always ran solid, on my 2080 with or without ray tracing. And on my 6800 XT with ray tracing disabled I believe I haven't had a single crash yet.


Then your very lucky. Even with the new v1.2 patch alot of people are having bug\crashing issues. Personally I can play some days without a single crash and other days get 10 crashes in a hour. Just random.  

I plays the game with my GTX 1080 and never had any crashes, of course without RT. 

This game is full of bugs with latest gpus specially when RT on ON that's why it gets updates

to solve theme from the developer and the gpu drivers. 

- RX 6700xt is not a good RT gpu to plat with so always tune RT Off. 

- Of course you will get crashes in the game if you exchange the Ram in the wrong way. Always reset bios.




So, I was quiet for a while on this topic. With the RAM voltage change I did, the crashes I had didn't really go away, they just decreased in frquency. Then I tried something new. I upgraded my PSU. I went from a 700W Bequiet unit to a 850W Corsair one. All the crashes were gone. Instantly.


Maybe. If you have the option to try out a psu before buying it I would do that, just to see if thats indeed your problem. As for why a power supply with above 800W is needed, could be there is some power spiking when enabling raytracing that doesnt show up in average power consumption. Just a guess.