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Journeyman III

custom resolution 2560x1440

I have an older 2k monitor that only has vga and DVI-d (dual) and I have a newer video card rx6600.

(This used to work on a old video card run DVI-d to DVI-d until an upgrade and the old driver became incompatible and the monitor would only display in 1900x1200)

I need to get a connection from a HDMI on the video card to a DVI-d port on the monitor and have this display at 2560x1440.

How can I do this.  I have seen some suggestions that you get a passive adapter and then set a custom resolution.  Will this work?  What would the custom resolution need to be if this can work?

I have an adaptor that will passively take the HDMI to DVI-d and I was hoping I could create a custom resolution to drive the 2k resolution.  

When I try and create a custom resolution I get an error 


Here is what I tried in the custom resolution.  I have experimented with various settings and have not been able to get it to work.  




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