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Journeyman III

CS:GO Won't Launch

Hello all,
I just built my first PC, booted it up with Windows 10 - Pro 64 bit and installed all the drivers for the GPU and motherboard.

I installed Steam and CS:GO and I am unable to launch it. The game says "running" goes to "syncing" and then stops completely without launch. 

I have noticed that it shows up in the Task Manager for a few seconds before disappearing. Also, other games in steam are accessible (PUBG, DOTA2, Trine2, GTA V, etc.) So far I have tried:

-Uninstalling Steam;
-Uninstalling CSGO;
-Closing CSGO in task manager in the few seconds it appears;
-Verifying the game files;
-Removing all files related to csgo before reinstalling;
-Transferring CSGO via external hardrive from my laptop;
-Running in compatibility mode with windows 7 and 8;
-Factory resetting my PC and trying everything again;
- REINSTALL All drivers;


- Delete launcher then repair CSGO and try run;
- Install all C++ and visual studio kits;
- Move some DLL (D3DX9_43.dll) To folders: System, System32, Steam and CSGO folder;
- Delete D3DX9_43.dll from the folder;
- Type many initial starting code as "-window -Novid -Windowed -nojoy" on CSGO app;
- Check internet Connection;
- Disable Anti-virus;
- Turn on/off windows firewall;
- Erase configs like config.cfg.

and I think a few other things I may be forgetting.
I have not installed any antivirus software after booting up my PC
I am very frustrated and have spent quite a few hours trying to figure this out.
My PC specs are as follows:

Motherboard- ASUS TUF B450 Gaming - PRO 
GPU- AMD Navi RX 5700
CPU- AMD Ryzen R5 3600
SSD- Kingston A400 480Gb
RAM- 1x8GB Crucial BallisticX 3000 Mhz.

Anything to help would be greatly appreciated. I just want to play CSGO on my new rig :( 
Thanks so much for your time!

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Adept I

Kinda in the Same Struggle rn, wanted to Stream CS today to check out how well the new Ryzen 9 performs..

So for my Setup:
MB: Asus Strix x570-f Gaming

CPU: Ryzen 9 3900x

GPU: RX570 

So yesterday everything worked fine, played CS without any Problems. But today? No way. Same as u i tried uninstalling Drivers n so on.. So far i did everything besides reinstalling Windows but i dont see any point for this since any other game runs.. even all the Other Counter Strike games. So everything but Cs:Go

Journeyman III

I'm having the exact same issue as OP.Just built this PC today, i7 and 5700 xt but only CSGO won't boot up. Everything else works fine and I've done every troubleshooting step mentioned above. The main thing I'm seeing that we have in common is this 5700