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Adept I

Crash During Games But Not Stress Tests

So I posted here before, and mentioned that my GPU was crashing. So I performed yet another clean install of all the drivers using DDU, and tweaked with the voltage by bringing it down a bit, and now there’s no crashes when I run a stress test or play games. But before it crashed during games. Does anyone have any ideas what may have been the reason it was crashing? I’m about to RMA my GPU, but now I’m debating whether or not I should.

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Adept I

UPDATE: So after playing for about an hour it decides to do it yet again. It went from every 5 minutes (from my last post) to now every hour. It keeps coming up with the same “GPU overheating” message, but the temps still don’t reach over 78 degrees. Should I RMA it and just hope for the best?