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Adept I

Constant Flickering - Unstable Drivers - Timeout Driver Error

So, I am here expressing my utter disappointment and frustration. This is the first time I am writing this and I hope somebody from AMD or someone who is knowledgeable enough or have a perma fix for this.

Here's a short description of my PC specs.

Mobo: Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero

Procie: AMD Ryzen 9 5900x

Mem: 32 GB 8x4 3600 GSkill Trident Z Neo

PSU: 1200 ROG Thor

GPU: Asus ROG 5700 XT OC 8G

OS: Windows 10 Pro - Activated Retail

Edition Windows 10 Pro
Version 20H2
Installed on ‎26/‎02/‎2021
OS build 19042.844
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.551.0


Here's a long version of my situation. This is a newly built system my 1st ever PC build and I went on AMD build Ryzen, completed the build last January 18 2021. The issue only started recently 2nd week of February. I updated the AMD Radeon 21.2.3 Software (as they say update with the latest so you can get the newest features/fixes **also the newest problems**) so I did. 

The issue started primarily with the Wattmann, I tried to undervolt the GPU and change the fan curve setting to my liking. Sure it applied the settings well but as soon I reboot or the next time I performed from a cold boot - the Radeon Wattmann constantly gives out an error that it recovered from crash.

So, I suppose it could be my undervolt settings are not applicable or could not work. I set it back to default - but the issue remained the same. I'm still getting the same error.

So - I tried to research online to see whether what people have done to fix this,

1. Disable fast start up - in which I did

2. Remove any overclocking softwares - I did this on the latter part.

3. Try to use the DDU software - I did as well.

So.. I tried to reinstall the latest version of the software and the issue remained the same. 

Eager I am to find a fix since I believe I haven't exhausted everything.

I tried to run again the DDU to ensure clean slate before installing any drivers. I tried to do the previous version. 20.11.2

The issue remained the same.. it didn't fix it.

I suppose the driver version is not compatible - So, I did further troubleshooting - run again the DDU and installed the Asus AMD version of Radeon - Version 20.12.1

Guess, what. Issue remained the same.. At this point I am already getting impatient but then again I'd like to give you guys a chance maybe this is just an instability issue that needs further checking.

I tried to dig in from the event viewer of Windows and I could dig up some errors about the driver time out.

So I did what I had to do run again the DDU to uninstall the Asus drivers and tried an older version Version 20.8.2.

Well - this is a bit stable but still I'm getting the flickering issues from time to time but no timed out errors. I guess the is somehow there.

Btw, the VBios is the updated version Version 2 2020/05/13 and it told me it didn't need any updating.

The issue remain the same. No fix in sight. So what I did is to install the VGA driver instead directly from the Windows Update.

Ran the DDU again. Ran the Windows Update to install the driver from the Windows Update.

It performed better than the other drivers but still - I'm getting some issues when playing games that the driver is outdated (that sucks).

So.. I am left to either reset my PC cause maybe it could be a registry issue to ensure clean slate or it could be the GPU driver or VBios is busted.

Just to add, I've installed and removed the following overclocking softwares prior to my updating and roll back escapade of drivers.

MSI afterburner


So as of this writing. I performed a PC reset - I purchased even a Windows 10 Pro license thinking it could be the old license that I have. Installed all the latest Windows Update without anything on the PC right now.

Guess what. When I installed the AMD Radeon Software - the issue popped back again. Driver time out. Jesus. 

I've submitted my Bug reports diligently and included even my email to the bug reported tool - feel free to dig up my bug reports AMD devs.

I'm just out of words right now and already lost. I'm starting to think how people gave their feedback with AMD and it's drivers support.... please turn these around else before I lose my faith to your products.


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Journeyman III

I have the sapphire rx 5700xt nitro+ been playing fine for almost 2 months now , yesterday my game crashed while playing the outriders demo and since this morning everytime i try to open a game it crashes before it goes to the main menu. I have the 21.2.2 version installed and everything else up to date. I see that a lot of people have similar issue so maybe its the driver?

21.2.3 *

Seems like a driver issue. AMD yet to acknowledge that.

I can confirm that I have this issue as well. Tried reverting drivers to an older version. It still persists.

By any chance are you using a rise cable? 


Nope. I only noticed this problem a few days ago. It just randomly started flickering and i started getting wavy lines when playing games and watching videos. I instantly thought it was a driver error, so i reverted the drivers and it got worse. The problem seems to be affecting the recent recommended drivers and the new optional ones.

Also, there is some weird rendering issues going on in games. Tested it out on Minecraft and got some very strange rendering issues that weren't there before. Tested it in Diablo 3 and there was wavy lines when moving around and flickering edges on objects.

Checked my monitor just in case it was that, all the cables were fine and plugged in properly. Must of reset my pc a few times to see if there was any problems.. That was all good.

I thought I may have to buy a new graphics card.. but after doing some digging, my card is running perfectly fine.

Its one of two things. Either the display drivers are unstable and not working like they should.. or its the software not working.

Just hope they fix it with another driver update. Fingers crossed. My pc is currently unusable when it comes to games and videos are sketchy as well.

ascrock 6900xt phantom

similar flickering issues. cod cold war pretty much unplayable. modernwarfarescreen.jpg

currently I am running a 6900xt asrock oc with at 7500k intel chipset. 16gb ram. 49” chg90 Samsung 

when I play Cold War I get red green and blue flickering anytime I look at a lighted scene. I have not overclocked anything and have played with just about every setting in game. Also if I have any ray tracing on game crashes and says I need to update my driver. 

I will say I think the cpu is running too hard but it is even happening in the menu. Gpu is never really over 80% utilization 

troubleshooting steps so far:

reset all settings in adrenaline software 
reinstalled adrenaline software
deleted game and reinstalled

updated drivers to most recent 

unplugged display ports(using cable that came from Samsung)

updated windows

Tried performance, esports, standard etc

updated game to most recent patch

Enabled/disabled free sync 

Journeyman III

Similar ussie on gigabyte rx5700 xt gaming oc, I often get driver timeouts and on csgo my shadows have been messy, this started happening when i put my max fan speed to 60%

Journeyman III

Know this is an older thread but same thing has been happening to me with my XFX Radeon 6700XT and Ryzen 7 3800x. After many DDUS and reinstalls I found the only way I can steadily play any games is by doing a driver only install without the Adrenaline software. Any time I do Full Install and click the Standard option like everyone says to do in all the YouTube videos its just constant Driver Timeout crashes. Even doing the registry edit adding a TDR Delay didn't solve it. I had to completely not install the Adrenaline Software and only do the graphics driver. My RX 570 used to have the same issues which is why I bought the 6700XT to begin with. Now I realize it may not have been the card after all.


I feel you.

Back in the AMD HD series with Catalyst Control Center the only time I encountered a GPU issue is if I forgot to check my driver updates or if I pushed my VPU or VRAM clocks to far.

When Global Wattman and Adrenaline replaced Catalyst Control Center it's been a constant uphill battle finding the right settings for each game that doesn't result with the "Global Wattman has reset Adrenaline settings to default for unknown reason" message.

It doesn't even generate an error code and if it ever sent an error report it sends to Microsoft Support and not AMD Support.

That is what bothers me. Also convinces me that Microsoft may be the culprit causing a lot of these problems along with the fact the problem got more frequent with windows 10 as compared to windows 7.


Mine seems to of been a faulty card that I had replaced.