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Journeyman III

Connecting laptop and tv

Hi everybody, I'd like to connect my laptop to television with Hdmi instead of VGA. Better yet, I already can do that, but I want to change tv resolution because is awful...

Should I change something in AMD Catalyst Control Center? Please help me.

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Need to post more information.



Laptop graphical solutions are pretty limited as the design focus of them are on the built-in display. Thus thy don't have much for cooling as it will work "harder" to drive the HDTV. Yet the best one could do is get a "cooling pad" to place under it to hopefully provide additional air flow, though one would hope the intake is on the bottom of the laptop. I'd suggest using an ethernet connection whenever possible, and switch from a hard drive to a SSD if it has one. Just another way to hopefully increase ones performance, but also reduce temperatures depending on the laptop of course. There will be limitations as I note that you stated Catalyst Control Center which draws my conclusion that you must be using a "legacy" solution.  Best of luck. Cheers

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