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Journeyman III

Connecting Huawei VR Glass presenting problem

I try to use a Huawei VR Glass on my new 7840U laptop with 780m graphics card but display signal is having severe problem.

As I searched on Internet for long time and realized many users have complaint about the same problem on many models of graphic card from AMD, so I think it could be a nice try to post the question here and see what you official knows about the problem.

The Huawei VR Glass uses DP 1.2 display protocol according to my search, and it is connected by type c complete function cable to the usb4 port on my 7840u laptop which is getting the display signal from the 780m directly. Nearly everything is working normal except the display is intermittently turning on and off randomly with many vertical lines when it is on.

I have connected it to my nVidia and Intel graphic cards for testing, both worked fine without problem.

Since there are so many posts on Internet saying only AMD graphic card is not compatible with this goggle, I would like to know whether AMD tech team knows about this problem and how difficult could it be to resolve it? I have compared the display parameters in Adrenalin software and in Custom Resolution Utility 1.5.2 by ToastyX with the other graphics cards that I mentioned above, which seems that the AMD card recognized the display correctly, but still having the scanning frequency problem (I assume it, don't know much about the display signal parameters).

Please see my post here and let me know if there is hope for this problem to be resolved officially soon. I really don't know how can it be existing for so long time until now (maybe more than 4 years at least).

Thanks for your attention in advance!

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