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Journeyman III

Connect 2 eGPUs to Mac Book Pro 2019

Hey guys, 

Two years ago in put together the following setup for rendering in Redshift C4D:
- Mac Book Pro 2019, 16''
- Razer Core X
- AMD Radeon Pro WX 9100

My question is, would it be possible be to invest in exactly the same eGPU Case and graphic card again and connect both setups to my Macbook. Do I need the exact same graphic card or would it be possible to choose a newer card for the second setup, for example a PRO W6800? Or does that give me driver issues?
I recently discovered you could choose different graphic cards to render from in the Redshift render settings, so I figured it would be handy to invest in a second one.

Thanks a lot!

2 Replies

Your question would be best answered by both Apple Support and Razor Support.

I imagine it depends if your laptop can support 2 eGPUs at the same time or not.

Does your Laptop have 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports?

I have this bookmarked Apple eGPU page that might help some:

Screenshot 2023-02-22 174225.png

Journeyman III

Hi, Thank you so much for your answer and the very helpful reply I will look into the link you provided!