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Adept I

Computer stutters with 6700 XT


CPU: AMD R5 5500


RAM: T-FORCE 32GB 3000-3200mHz

GPU: MSI 6700 XT

OS: Windows 11

I bought my GPU on Black Friday and upgraded from an MSI 6600. With my 6600, there were no issues at all. However, once I installed my 6700 XT, my system stutters no matter what. Either keyboard presses are ignored or 'held' down (repeated key presses) and the mouse does not move smoothly. For the mouse, it would freeze and move to where it should be after a second. These problems would translate into games as well. Either I move continuously or don't move and my aim would teleport all over the place. I reinstalled windows twice and downgraded the drivers to 22.5.1. I'm pretty sure the rest of my system drivers are up to date so I'm unsure of what else there is to do to fix this problem. I did an RMA for temperature problems and stutters, but it seems only the temperatures have been fixed.

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What make/model power supply?

Are you running separate power cables from  your power supply to each power input on your GPU?

Make sure your GPU is seated properly

Case make/model?

What speed is your RAM actually running at? (Task Manager>Performance>Memory)

BIOS up to date on your motherboard?

Do you have the latest AM4 chipset drivers installed from

How is your airflow in thru your case? You have to keep your VRM's and RAM cool too

So you did a "Clean" install of Windows?  (Basically the same procedure for Win11)


ThreeDee PC specs
Adept I

PSU is 700W EVGA and i have two separate VGA cables plugged in. I have a Deepcool MacCube 110 with positive airflow. There's an AIO at the top pulling in air over the MB and two front fans pulling in air. I turned off XMP so the ram is at 3000mHz. All the drivers and Bios is up to date. I also did 2 clean installs from a USB.


which EVGA 700w PSU? If it's their garbage 80 Plus (White rated) .. do yourself a favor and get a real power supply .. with  a 6700XT, I'd recommend an 850wtt 80+ Gold or better rated from a reputable brand .. check hardware review sites before purchasing anything .. 

I would think exhausting the air out the top instead of blowing the warm/hot air from the rad over your components .. would be a better solution

XMP off would set your RAM to 2133 or 2400

ThreeDee PC specs

The PSU is 80 plus gold. I guess i didn't turn XMP off but the MB is set to auto which made it go to 3000mHz

700wt is still on the lite side though for the 6700xt

I ran mine on a Seasonic Focus 850wtt 80+ Platinum when it was in my setup .. it's now in my daughters rig powered by an EVGA GQ 850wtt 80+ Gold PSU... still running strong

5000 series "sweet spot" for RAM is 3600 .. I've ran 2666 rated RAM at 3200 .. and 3200 rated RAM at 3800 without issue (you have to play with timings and RAM voltages a smidge though)

at least turn XMP back on for a bit faster RAM speeds with better timings than your current "auto"setting

ThreeDee PC specs

I tried running with 16GB at 3600mHz (the newest kit i bought) and still had problems. Then I put the power limit at -6 on the AMD software which didn't seem to help at all.