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Journeyman III

Computer restarting while gaming with RX 7900 XT

Hello, I am new to PC and just built my first PC. I haven’t had any trouble hooking it up and setting it up. Computer is fine while browsing, etc and basically not gaming.


When I was playing a few games like RDR2 and Outer Worlds, the computer randomly shut down and restarted. No errors popped up, and event viewer says kernel power.


I have checked the following:
- Cinebench test comes out fine
- Memory test is fine
- CPU and GPU is not overheating, temps are good
- Voltage appears to be normal
- Stats seemed normal right before computer shut off while gaming which happens a few minutes after actually playing the game. Not doing 4K or anything crazy and it was just those two games.
- I’ve reseated the RAM, cooler, GPU just incase and the cables going to PSU.
- Plugged computer into outlet directly thinking it was the surge protector


Computer specs:
- Intel i9-13900k
- MSI Z690 Carbon Wifi motherboard
- 32gb RAM (16x2) Corsair Dominator - 5600mhz
- Corsair 1000 watt 80+ platinum PSU
- Corsair iCUE H150i AIO Cooler (top exhaust)
- AMD Radeon RX7900 XT
- 3 Front intake fans (iCUE)
- 1 back exhaust fan (Corsair case fan)


I do have ONE pci-e cable coming from the power supply and the other end has TWO 6+2 pins. Could not using two separate cables be causing the issue?

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Adept I

Had similar issue, powercolor mba 7900xtx, tried ALL solutions...and setting 60hz worked...but  figured a better solutions...set Max core clock to can play 120hz 4k games with freesync on, stable!

Studying gpuz logs, show fequencies higher than 2600mhz when starting games leading crash or the way undervolted to 1075mv...using 850w psu....

Adept I


A couple of years before i had a similar issue, but was when i play games with a lot of CPU charge. In my case was the PSU the problem, and after every shutdown i cant power on my PC in a minute or something like that.
I recomend you to set the bios to default, and try to play CSGO, this game is more CPU dependent, and if yo can, try another PSU, just in case.

Another thing, is the rx 7900xt plugged with two differents PCI cables to the PSU or are you using 1 cable with the 2 PCI ports? If you are plugged the GPU with 1 cable, please plug it with 2.

Check all the time the CPU temperature, the 13900K is a hot CPU, just in case