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Adept II

Computer freezes or "locks up" after monitor going to sleep

My system:

  • Desktop
  • Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64bit
  • AMD Radeon Adrenalin Edition 18.3.2
  • Samsung SynMaster 2494HS 1920x1080@60Hz DVI-D
  • ASRock 990FX Killer Bios Version P1.60
  • FX 8350
  • Enermax REVOLUTION87+ 850W
  • 16GB

So I have been with this issue since I got the RX 570, whenever my computer is long enough at idle and screensaver activates after 10 minutes and monitor goes to sleep/shuts off after 15 minutes, when I press any key on the keyboard or move the mouse, the monitor wakes up but only a black screen remains and I need to force a hard reboot on the machine.....

Anyone with same issue?

2 Replies
Adept II

Ok i've been with the computer turned on for 4 days now with the screen saver and the time to shut the monitor down both off, been turning the monitor off manually, and no problems whatsoever.

What can be causing the computer to freeze and stay in a black screen with the mouse and keyboard unresponsive, when the screen saver and the monitor turns off after a determined time? I'm not sure if it happens with either options, say screen saver kicking or monitor turning off, but for sure when the monitor goes to sleep it does happen..

This can't be a workaround being manually turning on and off the monitor because of the risk that after a time if it is timed to shut off the monitor the computer won't "wake up"..

Would like to know if I'm alone with this, everything was fine with my last graphics card (R9280X) so I doubt this is related to my motherboard or something else.

Adept II

Ok I was able to narrow the issue to only when the monitor is set to shut off after a certain time...

Screensaver gives me no issues.

So... no answers? Been with AMD support with this also, but no real answers.