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Journeyman III

Computer crashing (screen goes black or BSoD) RX 6600XT

Since around 2 weeks I've been getting frequent computer crashes. On the days that is started happening, I haven't made any specific changes to software or hardware.

This happens mostly when playing games, and having brave and discord opened. I'm pretty sure it's gpu fault, which I will provide in a second. The temperatures on all pc parts (including cpu, gpu, mobo, ssd) are basicly never over 65c)

More of the time (around 80%) the screen goes black, but sound is still playing without any problems. After I restart PC, only 1 monitor works and is limited to 60hz. I can fix it by going to device manager and enabling, then disabling, then enabling again graphic card. And doing this over and over works, but the crashes are very frequent (5+ times a day)

The other 20% is just pc crashing with BSoD code with info "watchdog violation" or something like this. This happens both on newest drivers (23.12.1) and the ones before.

My specs:

  • GPU : 6600XT
  • CPU : 3600X
  • Motherboards : msi b450 tomahawk max
  • RAM : Goodram 16GB (2X8GB) 3200MHz
  • PSU : SilentiumPC Supremo FM2 650W
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