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Journeyman III

computer blacks out whenever i play somewhat demanding games


i have had this same issue since i bought my pc, about two years ago now. whenever i play games like the forest, assetto corsa, mk11, watchdogs, or even portal 2 for about 15 mins, the screen goes black with the message "no signal, entering to power saving mode shortly". i can hear the sound of the games for a couple more seconds, then a buzzing sound replaces the game sound, and i have to restart my pc. recently i have noticed that sometimes my graphics card gets disabled after the restart. my system specs are ryzen 3 3100 4-core, asus dual radeon rx580 8gb, 16gb dual stick ram. my motherboard was something like dragon b450, i cannot remember the exact name rn. i would appreciate any help. i had to take the pc to customer care twice, whcih is about 30kms away from where i live, and in neither could they find a solution. please if you had had the same issue or if you are knowledgeable, do not refrain from commenting.


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Hi, its troubleshooting time. 

However, i find hard to believe a pc repair center did not find anything.. Were they out of stock of everything?

If its crashing during load, then its time to fire up some stress tests. 

Do memtest86 for an extended period of time to see if it crashes. Then go after the GPU, try another one. A bios reset might be a good idea too to clean possible bad settings on ram timings.

If all comes clean, then it could be software, but thats more tricky.

You need to post more info about this, like temperatures and your full system specs. 

Good luck 

The Englishman


Thanks man. Im gonna try these. But I have a detail to add: the customer service said that when they tested with the games we told them, the pc did not suicide like it does in home. I will find out more about the rest and add here asap, thanks for your help