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Journeyman III

Combat Flight Simulator 2 and AMD Adrenalin settings

Yes, this "old" simulator is still widely used. However as expected there are some issues when running it under Win 11. 

I  purchased a new Asus Mini PC with Ryzen 5500U with AMD graphics.  This setup should be more than enough to run this "XP" game with decent result.
In my older Win7 setup I simply set the graphic options in the game settings: 
Harware acceleration : On
Trilinear filtering : On
MIP mapping: On
Anti Alias: On
T and L: On

But when applying these in game settings  with the new Ryzen/AMD PC, some 3D displays dont work. They are black. I found out that by disabling all the settings above in the game, everything works, but then the graphics is very rough of clourse. Jagged lines and textures are awful.

Can I let the AMD Adrenalin handle the above settings instead?  What are the general guidelines  with AMD graphics / in Game SW settings?


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Have you tried running the game in compatibility mode? Worth a shot...



No. Good idea. I can try that.