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Journeyman III

Color wave problem

Hi everyone !

Its the first time im writing here, so i apologize if i do something wrong. Here my problem,

Im using MSI Radeon R7 370 graphics card for 2 years and i did never have a problem with my graphics card until 3 days ago. I bought a new monitor 2 weeks ago and started to use 2 screens. After that its working well i didnt have a problem then i started to stream on twitch sometimes by using "Radeon Relive". But i see that relive doesnt support some overlays and i decided to use OBS (Open Broadcast Studio). I used this program for 3-4 days and now if i dont open this program (OBS) the colors are waving when im moving my mouse to the old monitor or when i press alt+tab aswell. I tried many games and its only happening in Black Desert Online. Tried CS:GO , Battlerite or someother games the problem doesnt occurs. By the way this problem is only happening in Full Screen Window mode. If i change it to Full Screen or Window mode its not happening again. I removed the GPU drivers and loaded again. I reset all the game settings. The problem continues. Any helps will be appreciated. Thank you !

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