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Journeyman III

Color Banding, Freeze/lag fps drop Asus x570 e gaming- ryzen 5900- radeon 6900xt

In some games i have freeze\lag and drop fps (kena bridge of spirits,the withcer 3,online games like warzone) when i start the game or during camera movements, during upload of the map, doom eternal don't soffer this issue for example, just banding color in sky, in every games and in all the app of the pc theres color banding, ive sent the gpu for repair and its tested whit 3d mark, tell me it works fine but ive try the pc in another tv and cable and the issue of color banding remain, i have buy 3d mark and try it,i can see banding color on the first image of time spy for 2 seconds, the issue is greater when theres a light source and the gradient from ligther to darker has bands,in past on warzone the fps was fixed to 238/239 now i have drops from 239 to 170/140fps but the cpu was in oc,also the gpu was in rage mode,now i have just d.o.c.p. active in the bios, freeze lags follow the coil whine sounds, i must set default settings on radeon software because sometimes crash and tell me these is an issue whit wattman, windows 10 64bitbb.jpg

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