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Journeyman III

Citrix Hypervisor MxGPU FirePro S7150x2 VM fails after a few mins


Using a Dell R730XD with a FirePro S7150x2 on Citrix Hypervisor 8.2. Citrix installs fine and the MXGPU plugin gives the desired options for GPU sharing. Unfortunately as a Win 10 VM running with an MXGPU allocated boots fine then fails after about 3-4 mins. After which point the host server seems to think the entire GPU has been disconnected and will only work again once the host server is completely powered off and restarted. It will then work for a few mins before crashing again.

We get this error:

Internal error: xenopsd internal error: Cannot_add(0000:87:02.0, Device_common.QMP_Error(20, "{\"error\":{\"class\":\"GenericError\",\"desc\":\"Mapping machine irq 0 to pirq -1 failed: Operation not permitted\",\"data\":{}},\"id\":\"qmp-000246-20\"}"))

So it seems to be some kind of IRQ allocation error but this may be a result of the card not being found rather than the cause. I am convinced it is a BIOS setting issue of some kind.

Any suggestions?



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