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Journeyman III

CF791 Monitor Issues (not flickering issue)

Hello my team red friends!

So I recently bought the Samsung CF791. Holy wow this thing is pretty slick. However, I've discovered some issues that I'd like to get some help with from here maybe. Samsung wasn't really helpful at all saddly. So here they are. First being this stupid message I get anytime the monitor wakes up "The system has detected a link failure and cannot set the requested resolution and refresh rate on your DisplayPort display. Your display might not support the requested resolution or there may be an issue with the cable connecting the display to your computer..."

The second issue, and more annoyingly, is that when the monitor wakes up from sleep mode the audio is gone. I have manually turn off the monitor and turn it back on for the audio to work again. It's kinda sorta starting to drive me crazy. Does anybody have any experience or support for this?

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Journeyman III

Do you mean the audio from the monitor's own speakers? Just trying to be absolutely clear. I don't use mine so whether this is part of the issue for me as well is unknown, but I am having the same issue with respect to the stupid error message. I'm not sure the error message has credibility, however. I'm still able to pop into games and get the desired resolution and refresh rates.


Are you running the latest drivers? If so, the first one sounds like a bad cable. I had the same issue with the pack-in cable that came with the monitor I bought. Buy a better, preferably VESA certified cable.

As for the second one, check Windows Sound settings, set the default audio device and disable others if necessary.