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Graphics Cards

Journeyman III

Can't find the graphics card model I want to purchase, help please

Hello, I want to purchase a particular AMD(ATI) graphics card model, the model is 5850x6 but I can't find it anywhere to purchase, can someone direct me to the place where I can purchase it? Google was no help, how can I buy this particular model, it hasn't been discontinued has it?

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I think you mean the HD 5870 Eyefinity 6 Edition, but it has long since been discontinued. All supported cards from AMD support 6 displays per card using DisplayPort MST hubs.


I didn't realize that was what you were talking about until BlackZion mentioned it. Here is a Thread that might be of interest to you concerning MST hubs: how many monitor on AMD Radeon HD6750 


What are some graphics cards with a high Mhash/s rate? I'm using this table here:

Non-specialized hardware comparison - Bitcoin Wiki

Where can I get a Mhash/s rate of over 2,000? or at least somewhere around 300-600 Mhash/s? Can you direct me to a model and a vendor that sells this?


Best place to post your question is at a Bitcoin Forum. This one seems to be one of the best. : .

Here other Users could probably direct you where to buy and purchase the best model and vendor for what you are looking for.

I am not a miner. So it little I can do except direct to the proper Forum. From above link I would click on "Beginners & Help".