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Journeyman III

Can I preorder the 7900 XTX


I am a real person - may I buy on release/ preorder the 7900 XTX with delivery in France ? This is my dad's Christmas wish. So... is there a way through AMD to do this?

Thank you. Good bless.

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AMD Store FAQ doesn't mention anyth ing about Pre-orders:

It seems you have to wait until the RX7900XTX is released to the public before you can purchase it at AMD Store. BUT other Retailers like Amazon or Newegg or other Retailers might take Pre-Orders.

The Release date for the RX7900XTX is in December 13, 2022.

Found this website that shows where you might be able to Pre-Order:

Screenshot 2022-11-03 080841.png

NOTE: If you want to purchase it from AMD Store when it is released in December 13th, 2022 there will be a huge amount of other Users also trying to purchase the GPU card. you might have to try for several days before getting a chance to purchase the GPU card.

I would Pre-order from a Major Retailer like Amazon or Newegg or Best Buy etc. Even then you might not get the GPU card in December due to the huge demand and Supply issues.

Well AMD Moderator AMD Forums SAM_AMD just verified that AMD is not going to take Pre-Orders:

Hello, Red Team! 

I've seen a few questions about whether we are going to take pre-orders for our newest GPUs, the AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX and the AMD Radeon RX 7900 XT

As of today, we are not planning on taking pre-orders. I'll be sure to update you if this changes in the near future. 

Thank you all for the question, and for your support, yesterday's unveil was a blast! 


I would like to actually purchase a video card this time before the scalpers get them all.

How would this be possible?

Journeyman III

Can I please pre-order as I am aAMD supporter and would like to pre-order the card now . I am tired of all the scalpers always getting these cards and good people that have to bust our butts to enjoy our hobby arent  even being thought of. I find this type of corporate behavior part of the problem as we have a serious crisis with regular folks trying to buy a Graphics Card. Can you please give US a Pre-Order.