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Journeyman III

Can i Crossfire my RX560 with RX580?

now i have an RX560,i wanna buy an RX580.

so can i crossfire RX560 with RX580?

i konw RX560 not an best graphics card,but i wanna my RX560 be useful.

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you should be able to tho it will cap the preformance on the rx560 as the 580 is to powerful. If running equivalent cards & plenty of vram as it will only allow for the lower card you have in your system. Depending on drivers to, not sure on the new gen AM4 sockets so not 100% sure tho there should be others heres that's maybe done it or running a simular situation.

thank you.

this mean Crossfire RX560 with RX580 should be able to work, but preformance should not well?

if i wanna used RX560 Crossfire some cards, its should be RX560 too. they can worked more well?

ps: i have a quesion about word "tho" mean what?  english not my first language, i can't understand it.

Adept III

u are better of with one single powerfull card just use the rx 580 and sell the 560 u get less headeach not to many game are corssfire compatible and u will get alot of erors and crashes also not the performance boost u would expect


thank you, i think i konw what should i do.

but i can't sell my RX560, cause bitcoin influence card price. i don't konw they can sell how much.

maybe i can try Crossfire RX560 with RX580 and test it performance. i think this will be interesting.


go for the test nothing to loose if its lying round. My best trick I would advise. Is make sure your windows is fully up to date. DDU run you current drivers Give its a registry clean with ccleaner or quivilent program. Have the most current crossfire driver package ready to install or do a auto driver diagnostics tool on the AMD site. My advise is download the correct drivers threw AMDs site. End of the day your 580 will be throttled back with the 560. My advise is try if you got a decent MB already with compatible hardware including a decent PSU that can handle the crossfire as you need a decent PSU as its a place you will notice it or cook your build..