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Can I change color of 6700XT RGB LOGO? (Reference model)

I have just recieved my 6700XT. I like it! 

The RGB Logo is Red however, and I was hoping I would have control of the color somehow so I could get it to fit in with my other RGB themes. Is there a way?

FYI - Screw the reviewers. This is a great card so far. 1440P working flawless for me in the few games I have tested and noticeably faster than my 5700XT. My only complaint is this should have been nearly the same launch price as the 5700XT plus a little more. $599 CAD (aprox $479 USD) is too high for a generational jump 2 years later. It should have only been $549 ($429 USD) seriously!

NOTE: I paid $749 CAD at my local brick and mortar store but that's because the supply chain is scalping IMO.


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See this:

Apparently there is a Coolermaster App called: 
AMD_RX_6000_RGB_LED v1.26
But if I were you I would check further and make sure it is genuinely ok and not malware. 

The download link seems genuine here is the address:

I have downloaded the file and Nortin Security says it is ok. 
Nortin File insight reports many hundreds of users. 
I have not tested it.
I cannot get hold of an RX6000XT series GPU to test.


I am so bored I ran the downloaded file installer. 
It installed OK. 

I launched the App from the Decktop Icon. 
It says I need to install my AMD device. 

I do not have an RX6000 series GPU. 
So that is not unusual. 
I uninstalled it. 

I think you are ok to try it. 

Good Luck. 

I might just try it


What I DONT like... is that the downloads section does not have it but the link is a direct download for an EXE...


Do you have a link to where you learned about the link?


I found out about it on Reddit Link above and subsequently searched the Cooler Master Forums.

I did run Norton checks on the file and it is from Cooler Master Website...

Check your Browser download options.

I used Mozilla Firefox and I get the option to "save file as".
I still have the executable in my downloads folder.