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Journeyman III

BSOD/Restart During Driver Installation

One day my old GPU (RX 580 8gb) started acting up in game and some textures werent loading in properly so I decided to update the drivers. My computer restarted in the middle and then just constant blue screens when starting up PC and the error code is "THREAD STUCK IN DEVICE DRIVER" Then I tried using DDU in safe mode and then installing them again in normal mode but the same thing happens.

I have tried a different GPU (1660 Ti) which worked for a day and then the next day I turned on my PC and went back to the same thing. I have also RMA'd my motherboard cause I thought it was the issue since I built my PC on my old mobo (H110M-HDS and Pentium G4560) and everything seemed to have worked fine although I only used for a couple hours. The new mobo came in and no difference. I have also tried different RAM and took my PC to a troubleshoot guy who said he put in his RX5700 and it seemed to have worked fine so it must be a GPU issue so once again I bought another GPU (1660 SUPER) and the same issues occur.

Someone else tried using a different version of Windows which was an extremely old version from 2018 and the nvidia drivers weren't compatible with that version of windows so I had to update to Windows 10 1909 and the same thing happens with the restart mid installation. Now my PC keeps restarting even when I have don't have nvidia drivers installed because when I have my ethernet plugged in windows searches for drivers and auto installs which then I have to uninstall in safe mode again.

I've read a bunch of threads related to this but all of them seemed to have ended with the person thinking they have a failing GPU but I have tried 3 different ones with the same result. My last thread was marked as Solved when I was told that my PSU was the issue so I went out and bought another one with no avail. Any help would be appreciated. Also I used the relatively same setup for a little over a year before this issue occured. My RX 580 blue screens with the same error code but NVIDIA gpus dont, they just restart and black screen.

GPUs tried: RX 580, 1660 Ti, 1660 Super
MOBOs tried: MSI Bazooka V2 (x2), AsRock H110m-HDS (worked)
PSUs tried: CoolerMaster 550W, Corsair CX650M

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