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Bought a new card and having problems. Should I return it? Or is this a driver problem? (more details within)

I recently bought a new GPU card from Best Buy a few days ago (XFX - AMD Radeon RX 570 RS Black Edition 8GB), and it's been running mostly fine...

However, on random occasions, I will encounter what seems to be a fatal crash at either random intervals during certain games, tabbing to these games, or opening them. Sadly, no error can be seen, as what is happening is that my screens suddenly shut off, audio and mic capabilities are gone, whilst my computer seems to be running still (hardware is fully running so I'm not sure what exactly is happening here). I need to restart my PC as I can't see anything. I get the Win logo, and no errors or warnings, all seems fine on Windows end...

I know this is the fault of the Graphics Card, as my previous one has had no issues at all, and I have never run into any problems with it. I was previously running an AMD 7900 series.

So, recreating the problems: So far the biggest culprits seem to be a game called "Bless Online" that has been known to have a lot of issues in general for a lot of users. It runs in Direct X9 and generally just has some iffy coding to it. I have "crashed" from talking to NPCs, Tabbing back into the game from another window by directly clicking on it, and just randomly having my character run around. I have had the black screen issue most times with this game.

But, today I found out that Bless isn't the only game to cause this problem to occur though. I experienced the problem again today simply by booting up "Final Fantasy XIV." This has happened only once.

I have played Skyrim SE heavily modded - No problems. The Witcher 3 at full settings - No Problems. Weird.

Does this sound like a problem with my driver? Did I do anything wrong with installing a new card? Before I set up the card, I fully uninstalled my old AMD driver through the official AMD program, and all seemed well. As soon as I got my new card implemented, I reinstalled the appropriate driver for my model to the newest version. It is at the newest version now.

Any advice?

Additional Information:
-I have a 1000 watt PSU, so I know that power loss is definitely not a problem here.

-I have a tower PC with great ventilation. I have been monitoring the temperature of the card, and nothing seems abnormal while running any games. No high temps anywhere.

-Crashes only occur from running certain games. I have not run into any problems simply through browsing, watching videos, etc.

-Direct X Diagnostic Tool didn't point out any problems with my card.

-I am NOT fully updated on Windows 10, I am still behind the Creator's Update. I CANNOT update my OS as I get some really bad fatal errors from them.

I can provide more information on request. I'll soon try reinstalling the drivers again to see if it helps...

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So I actually returned the card, definitely was faulty. The problem worsened, and in the end it actually did crash my PC (causing a red light on my mobo). The card would not power on anymore after that.

I have the same exact model now (replacement), and I have been running it for a day with no problems so far. Will update this with anymore trouble if I happen to run into any. Just in case someone happens to search for this issue and needs help.

Not even sure if you'll get this as a notifcation but I hope you do - I appear to be having the excact same issue with no fix so far


Yeah it's definitely a faulty card. You should return it if you can!