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Blue screen of death after installing drivers

Hi guys.

So... I been trying to set up my pc, but I just can't

This is my build:

MoBo: Gigabyte b450m ds3h

CPU: Ryzen 5 2600

GPU: RX580 Sapphire Pulse 8 GB

RAM: Adata 8gb 3000 ddr4 Spectrix  AX4U300038G16-SRS

PSU: Corsair 650w Plus80 bronze

SSD: 240GB WD green

HDD: ST Barracuda 2TB

OS: Win 10 pro, home

The thing is that i built it, installed the Win10pro and restarted it, then i tried to install the GPU's divers but the BSOD appeared "Thead stuck in device driver"

Then i booted it into safe mode and unistalled the drivers.

I googled it and searched for help in here, and I tried it all.

I updated BIOS (UEFI) (F4) installed the chipset, set up ram in a lower voltage and speed, but it didn't do anything. I installed the first rx580 drivers, but nothing. All of that did not seem to work. Then I got some dll errors:  0xc000012f and 0xc0000005. After that I reinstalled windows, even another version, not updated, and it seemed to work (my pc didn't freeze as much) but then i got the AMD's error 1603 and again the BSOD bad system configuration info. Then I tried  sfc /scannow, chckdsk, cleanup-image  


I booted into safe mode and used the AMD Cleanup Utility. Did  and tried with another adrenalin version. Nothing.

Then i downgraded the UEFI (F2) and it was more stable, i even installed the chipset drivers, and the adrenalin software and my PC didn't freeze. But then i benchmarked and it freeze, after it automatically restarted, i unistalled again the amd software, but nothing seems to work.

PS. I benchmark all my pc components with a friend's PC, they worked just fine.

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