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Journeyman III

Blue artefacts while playing in Rx 6800 XT

Hello everyone! So I just got a AsRock Rx 6800 XT Phantom Gaming and started playing some games to test its performence.

But I'm having some weird blue glitches/artefacts while I'm playing. I tried 3 different games (Valorant, Halo Infinite and Far Cry 6).
I already reinstalled AMD driver using DDU, now I'm using 22.5.1 with driver only installation because I found out that when I use Adrenalin metrics overlay to see GPU tempo and FPS the artefacts gets a little bit worse but I dont think this is the cause of the problem.


These artefacts only happens while I'm playing. It doens not happen when I'm normally using my computer.

I recorded 3 videos so you can have a better idea of what is happening:

My specs are:

Ryzen 3 3600 stock

24gb 3000mhz (1x8 and 1x16)

Asrock A320m hd motherboard(using P6.20 BIOS version, there are 2 newer BIOS version to download in Asrock site. Does outdated BIOS can cause this problem?)

XPG Core Reactor 750w

LG Ultra gear 24'' 144hz (24GN600-B) using Display Port cable.

Does anyone ever experienced something like this?

Thank you for your help!

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