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Adept I

Black Screen When Gaming with 6700 XT

I hope everyone is having a great day.


I bought a 6700 XT from Sapphire Technology in 2021 and it has been working well until last year. Because I am using an AMD CPU without an integrated GPU, the 6700 XT was the only graphics processor on my PC. Last year I started seeing my screen go black randomly while all the software seemed to be running. The black screen would normally last for a few minutes before everything went back to normal and I get an error message saying that my GPU driver was timed out. I always keep the AMD driver up-to-date so I assumed that the latest version of it was buggy. So I rolled back the driver and installed a more dated but stable version of it. The black screen never happened again. Not until recently.


Recently I started playing DIABLO 4 on my PC and it says my GPU driver needs an update or the game won't start. So I updated the driver and the game was running well. However, after a day or two I started to get the black screen again. This time I think the software and apps were frozen as well because I waited for about 10 minutes and nothing came back. I also noticed that the fan was running fast when I was playing the game, but went completely silent when the black screen occurred. The other thing is that the black screen comes sooner every time. The first black screen happened when I was playing it for about half an hour. I force-restarted my PC and tried again and it only lasted for a couple of minutes before my PC went black and frozen.


I am aware that the GPU is no longer warranty-protected. Does this mean that this GPU has gotten too "old" and "weary"? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Adept III

When you updated your GPU drivers, did you do a clean install (AMD Cleanup Utility and/or DDU)?


Do you have a different cable you can try? Sometimes there are issues with cable incompatibilities / versions / etc.


Do you have the most recent AMD chipset drivers installed?


Do you have the most recent non-beta BIOS installed for your motherboard?


Do you have freesync / adaptive sync enabled?


1. Yes

2. Since it only happens when I play hardware-demanding games I doubt that it's a cable problem but yeah I will try another cable. I have never encountered this problem when I play casual games like Hearthstone.

3. I will try to update that

4. I will try to update that

5. Yes. Should I disable it?


Thank you very much for these troubleshooting tips, I will definitely go through them one by one this weekend. I will also try disabling MPO.

You're welcome -- hopefully one works.


2. Agreed.

5. Might be worth disabling temporarily as a troubleshooting step. Although, as you mentioned, if the issue is only happening during demanding games, it doesn't seem likely this is the cause.

6. MPO seems like it could be promising -- really easy to do as well.

7. Have you run a MemTest86 to verify your RAM is good?

8. Have you tried disabling XMP / EXPO?

9. Have you run DISM and SFC to scan for and repair any Windows core files?


Another user posted a video below that has some good tips and things to try too. I've seen other posts where people have some success disabling Toast Notifications and the Overlay in Adrenaline. Others have success installing the drivers-only rather than Adrenaline.


Warranty should be based on the date you purchased it -- I'd check with your GPU manufacturer.






         are you suing Microsoft™ Windows™ 11 by any chance please?

i tried to do a format and reinstall with it the other day and it was a big problem to get sound out of it, random black screens and the clock was showing the wrong time.

i went back to Microsoft ™ Windows™ 10

I'm Having a great day at AMD™ forum !

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                          Mr Perforations

AMD™ forum.

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imbedded sleeper forum post provided by MrPerforations.

Yeah I am using Windows 11. Never happened when I was using Windows 10 but my graphics card was brand new back then. Not sure if these are related.

Adept III

Here's something else you can try: Disable MPO -

Journeyman III

I recently came across a YouTube video that might be helpful in addressing the AMD GPU issues you've been experiencing. It's titled "20 Tips to Fix AMD GPU's Problems | Easy 2024 Tutorial Guide." 


Here is the link to the video:


I hope this video proves to be useful in resolving your issues.