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Journeyman III

Black Screen RX 560d

OS: Windows 10 Home 64bit (10.0, Build 19043)

Issue: Black Screen, no cursor, freeze (since I can hear the buzzing sound) and needs a force shutdown (can't restart)

I have this issue since 2 years ago, it usually occurs every windows update and the quick fix is to reinstall the driver. Not until the March Windows Update that the black screen still occurs even after reinstalling the driver. A temporary fix was lowering the core clock  and maxing out the fan speed and after three days the issue will came back, i've lowered the core clock up to -30% already and the issue still continues.

List of things that i've done so far:
- Lowering Core Clock
- Maxing out Core Voltage and Power Limit on Afterburner
- DDU (tried all the drivers from 2019-present)
- Reformatted twice! (then update everything)
- Changing PSU
- Changing GPU (nvidia) w/ higher TDP, no issues
- Changing thermal paste / deep cleaning
- updating motherboard BIOS, GPU Bios is up to date
- sfc /scannow and checkdisk
- changing display ports, changing cables
- Disable Driver Updates / Pause Windows Update / Disable Windows Update thru GPEDIT
- Using the GPU on another System unit ( Windows 7), Issue still persist
- Hiding windows update using, Windows Update Show/Hide Troubleshooter
- Disabling Hardware Accelerations on Browsers

What I observe on the first week is, the issue occurs after I install the driver. Most likely when I'm idle or browsing, never had black screen when I'm playing games (when I'm lucky enough to launch the game first before a black screen).

TODAY! I observe that the issue ONLY occurs when I am connected to the internet (driver installed)

this is why I am posting this today because I think I'm already close to solving this problem but I ran out of idea's


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