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Journeyman III


I bought an MSI Radeon RX 5700 MECH OC 8 GB video card. I installed the hardware on the shop where I bought it, I checked and the installation was and is correct. It was my job to install the software and I start to do it.
At the beginning (without the driver installed) the video card works well since I have an AMD ryzen 7 2700x processor and it does not contain an integrated graphics card, which would be impossible to reproduce image without the basic operation of the RX5700 with the microsoft basic display driver adapter (in addition the hdmi cable of the monitor is connected to the board and not to the mother). On the other hand, the mother of my pc is the AM4 Asus prime a320m-k, it is not the best but I check and it is compatible with the RX5700. The rest of my computer  consist in 2 fans, 2 ram memories of 8gb (Crucial brand) each, a Thermaltake Smart 80+ White source, a 3.5 "1Tb Western Digital WD Blue hard drive and another Kingston A400 960Gb SSD (the latter recently installed at the same time as the RX5700.) Both disks have original Windows 10 Pro installed, the SSD recently installed and updated to the full from the windows update, and it is in both that when installing the adrenaline driver (I tried in several versions and in several ways) that when the end of the installation is averaged, the image is updated and goes black with the monitor in standby without reproducing any images.
When resetting and after loading windows before the user screen, the monitor does not replay any image, went black screen and with the monitors´s light flashing. Upon returning to the restore point, before installing the adrenaline driver, everything returns to normal without the driver being installed. The only way I managed to install it is without installing the AMD display driver, which is almost the same as not having managed to install anything. The monitor is connected via HDMI and its model and brand is “Curved Led Monitor 24 Samsung Full Hd 1080 Super Slim Xellers”.
I suspect it is a software problem between the mother and the RX5700. Cause in one hand I saw comments from other users in different forums with problems with this duo, on the other it is a fairly basic mother, besides it is as if the mother bios doesnt recognize the GPU, I do not see any configuration for the board port, and with all  the rest of the components i dont have this problem.
One of the things I did, trying to solve the problem, was updating the mother bios to its latest version. So, with the installation of the latest version of the GPU driver, with the latest update of the mother's bios and windows 10 Pro (without any antivirus installed and also marking the factory installation option) I obtained the same result like at the beginning, black screen.
Other data that may be important: The temperature of the equipment is around 50º and the mother of 40º, within the normal ranges. GPU fans work normally.
Someone can help me?

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