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Journeyman III

Black screen in games on RX580 msi gaming x 8GB

The problem was noticed in PUBG, Dota 2, Destiny 2.
A problem may appear in 1 minute or 1 hour in these games, a black screen and sound from the speakers appear and everything just turned off the computer. At the same time, a message pops up on the monitor that there is no video signal. I noticed that when a video card crashes, it reaches the maximum processor and memory frequencies of –1380/2000. I lowered the frequencies in the amd setting to 1340/1725 and the problem went away but the picture began to slow down a bit in the game. The driver set 19.1.1, 19.1.2, 18.12.3, 18.7.1, 17.7.1, the problem did not go away, it was used when deleting DDU. Inserted a video card into another computer; the problem was the same. I changed the cable hdmi-hdmi on the dvI-hdmi the problem remained. Windows changed 10 and 7, the problem remained. Video test programs didn’t reveal any problems. On the temperature above 65 degrees did not rise in the games. There is no such problem with the RX470 msi gaming x 4GB  video card.
  How do I solve this problem?

My Desktop:

Intel i7 6700k

Chieftec Nitro II 85+ BPS-850C2
Gigabyte z170x gaming 7


RX580 msi gaming x 8GB

Hard Drive ssd 240 GB

4 Replies

If you have tried the GPU in two different systems and the same problem is happening, then the GPU is bad.


Try using AMD Wattman to configure your RX 5xx and see if it continues with the same problem. If it does then as stated previously may be a defective GPU Card.

Here is how to correctly configure your GPU card using AMD Wattman:

  Re: Wattman fan settings don't work


       kingfish     Jun 4, 2018 10:08 AM  (in response to snapperorgan)   



Your still changing the fan speed from automatic to manual and you haven't moved your Power Limit from default which throttles your card. It's explained here if you read it > AMD graphics performance

Before giving up on the card..why don't you try the settings exactly like I suggested? Set Wattman back to factory defaults first. Then change only the manual temperature settings and the Power apply. Leave everything else at default...which is Automatic.


Adept II

kingfish, you are replying to a solution with an older driver version. maybe that shouldn't make a difference as you are correct, IF you are planning to manually change your fan curve (or any wattman settings actually) then you need to increase your Power Limit.

But I am having the same blackscreen issues OP describes since 18.12 on. Maybe not as often as him but a lot of people are having this issue since December. I'm fairly confident with hardware/software issues...enough to know the difference between a hardware failure and a software (driver) issue. This is a driver issue plain and simple.

Krashicq, don't go blowing another $300-$400 on a replacement RX580 just to find out your original gpu was working just fine all along. If your blackscreens are really coming up that often then roll back your driver to the last one that worked for you and wait...AMD will eventually fix the problem since so many ppl are having your exact same DRIVER problem. You are not alone....your GPU works just fine. 

Journeyman III

Resetting the settings does not give anything. I read that there are a lot of such problems for people. Why does not AMD solve this problem? Or do not say that it is impossible to solve it by drivers. What to expect?