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Journeyman III

Black screen flickers and GPU crash - consistent issues

Hi all,


Often and most consistently whilst playing World of Warcraft, especially Classic, my screen with flicker black and crash to black for ~25 seconds. It used to close Discord, too, but that's changed in the past month or so. I have an XFX 7900xtx, 7700x, 32gb 6000mhz RAM, 850w psu. I've tried an HDMI and a DPI, and used different outputs on the GPU. I am beyond frustrated. 

Has anyone else had this issue and discovered a fix?



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Adept I

Can you try turning off accelerated hardware on discord, chrome, steam and or any other app? Some mentioned it helped them a lot. If it's conflicting with discord it's worth checking that out.

Also does this happen with other games or exclusively with WoW?

Did this issue start when you installed your GPU or did this happen randomly at some point unrelated to when you isntalled your GPU?

Adept III

Hi, @Lost_in_Wyoming.

In order to support you bettere I can I have some questiont to you:

  • Can you details much better how much sticks of RAM do you have?
    Some times if you use a non QVL recommended RAM used with the CPU out of the recommended can cause crashes or bugs, thats why motherboard manufacturer return a QVL list.
  • The issue it is only related to WoW?.
  • The issue of the black screen flickering happen only after the weak up of the monitor after the sleep state?

At this point.

If the issue it is only on WoW I think you have to report the issue to AMD Developers (click on the text to go to the guide) with this and waiting for a fix.

Or maybe can be an issue which I encountered my self but literally some times after my monitor wake up after he sleep because maybe I go somwher in my house, when I am back close to the pc and the monitor wake up from is state, the monitor start do a black flickering.

And I discovered the issue it is related to the Hot Plug Detection (to discover this I did a lot of search).

What is Hot Plug Detection?

"Hot Plugging" a display into a source means the devices are connected while both are powered on. This differs from older technology which often needed to be "cold-plugged" with one or both devices powered off. Hot Plug Detect or "HPD" is a feature of the HDMIDisplayPort, and DVI specifications. Typically it relies on a single pin in the connector making contact, which initiates the process.

Hot Plug Detect Problems

While HPD is generally reliable, some monitors have been reported to cause unwanted behavior when paired with specific PC setups.

The most common issue arrises when a monitor is turned off or goes to sleep. It will transmit a signal over the DCC indicating that it is powering down, which in some cases is interpreted by either the system's video drivers or OS as the monitor being unplugged. This causes the OS to rearrange desktop spaces and windows in an undesirable way.
Through the menu of the monitor I fixed it.
Anyway I do not know if you can have the same thing (becase it is happen only on WoW) but I can suggest to you maybe to disable the freesync on It and try to see whats happen.
Let me know,
Kind Regards